About Us


Xpress Medical Services is a new business dedicated to the stocking and delivery of medical equipment in Australia. Our products are Australian Medical Association (AMA) and  National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) certified, and of international standard. Quality, customer service and reliability are our watchwords.

We are a business that takes patient care to a personal level-we believe that we are serving individuals, and not faceless numbers on a page. This is why we approach every order with clarity and attention to detail-because we know that every order is touching a life somewhere.



When you choose us, you choose an enduring tradition of quality and prompt service. We are committed to making every customer happy from the beginning of the transaction to it’s end, creating a customer base of people who trust us to deliver every time. Pour products are sourced from only the most quality and trustworthy suppliers.

Patient comfort and health is topmost on our agenda. Our products are not just functional, but created to be aesthetically pleasing and comfortable, making getting well a pleasant experience. Who says hospitals and hospital equipment can’t be both comfortable and utilitarian?



Our medical supply store is accessible as an online store. We stock laboratory supplies, hospital supplies for all tiers of medical care, and medical accessories for both heath care practitioners and their patients.


Our range of products include:

Podiatric inserts

Podiatric inserts and accessories are all about foot care and comfort, used in both physiotherapeutic and personal use. These include insoles, foot cushions, toe protectors, foot sleeve pads, shoe inserts and other accessories.

Oxygen therapy equipment

Patients will sometimes need assisted breathing in different cases of lung deficiency. Oxygen therapy equipment include oxygen tanks, respirators, nebulisers and other accessories that are used in respiratory medicine.


Prosthetics are accessories used to augment or replace missing body parts and augment movement. These include crutches and walkers, commodes, wheelchairs, and various other instrument used to augment patient movement and care.

Assisted living furniture and accessories

Patients who need assistance to move around for their daily activities need to do so with dignity and comfort. We stock a range of hospital and household equipment designed to make assisted and non-assisted living as comfortable as possible. These include furniture (beds, tables, bed wedges, etc.) and other accessories for the bedroom and bathroom.

Diagnostic equipment

General supplies for hospital use, diagnostics, laboratories, medical examination and personal use. We are the one-stop online store for all kinds of medical equipment.



We love hearing from you!

We are available for enquiries, questions, suggestions, comments, reviews and criticism. Our toll-free customer care hotlines are open everyday around the clock. Your feedback helps us to improve; please tell us how we can serve you better.