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Body Positioning Wedges Australia

Some patients are confined to chairs and beds because of various health conditions. Usually, nerve related infections are the main causes of restricted movement. Such infections weaken tissues and muscles, which are critical to flexibility of hands, legs and other joints. Typically, any form of health condition weakens the body. While illnesses vary in causes and reactions, you will not find anyone claiming to be sick running all day or taking part in physical activities. There are mild infections that only affect specific parts of the body that can be dealt with as daily activities go on as usual. Although people affected by such are also called patients, some forms of illnesses tax on people’s mobility and lifestyle. We deliver all our body positioning wedges to Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane, Perth and all other major cities in Australia.

The need

Critical health conditions make it impossible to move. Some patients may not be able to reach out to a glass of water, feed themselves, or turn the neck; this can be caused by extreme injuries from an accident or nerve infections. Typically, such patients take long in hospital beds before their muscles can normalize to be flexible. These patients have to stay in the same position for an indefinite period makes it uncomfortable and in most cases painful.

The neck or limb can be inclined at a certain angle on a bed or sling; the position is a doctor’s direction, which enhances the treatment and healing process. This means it is necessary and patients have no option other than to stick to the position. Anyway, they are unable even if they wanted to defy the body positioning.

Therefore, a body considerate wedge is a consideration for patient’s comfort while undergoing treatment.

How they work

There are different types of body positioning wedges used in different ways depending on the targeted body part. Typically, they are used on necks and limb elevation.

While sponge is a key characteristic of these medical instruments, they are more than a pillow.

Body positioning wedges not only makes a patient comfortable but also helps in improving circulation. The wedge pillows also reduce swelling and forms of inflammation that are caused by stagnation and numbness of the stationery body part.