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Classic Stethoscope Tunable


Liberty Classic Stethoscope Tunable  The Classic Stethoscope Tunable is lightweight and includes many special features. These include: non-corrosive titanium, plastic retaining that is colour coated, innovative ‘pressure sensitive’...

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Sprague Rappaport Stethoscope


Liberty Sprague Rappaport Stethoscope  Acoustically superior and versatile stethoscope suitable for doctors, paediatricians, cardiologists and medical students. The threaded chest piece permits the use of five interchangeable fittings. Using the...

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Cardiology Stethoscope


Liberty Cardiology Stethoscope The golden standard in cardiology stethoscopes has long been considered to be the Littman cardiology stethoscope, but this cardiology stethoscope provides an equal standard of quality for a lower price. The Cardiology...

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Classic Stethoscope


Liberty Classic Stethoscope This Classic Stethoscope features a rotating stainless steel chest piece and double inner-spring binaural. Stethoscope can be used for assessing lung sounds, heart sounds, and bowel sounds. This assessment information is of...

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Single Head Stethoscope


Liberty Single Head Stethoscope Using a light aluminium and PVC manufacture, the Nurses Single Head Stethoscope by Liberty can be carried throughout the day without being a burden or bother. The single head makes it an excellent choice for nurses as...

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Dual Head Stethoscope


Liberty Dual Head Stethoscope No healthcare professional is ready for patient care without a stethoscope that is reliable, functional, and comfortable enough for frequent use. The Doctor’s Dual Head Stethoscope is the perfect instrument for the...

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This medical device is predominantly used to check for lung and heart functions. The two body organs are connected with respect to basic functions of air and blood circulation. The medical devices are made in such a way they can pick vibrations of the heart and lungs. When the heart pumps, there is movement; typically, in and out, which can be heard in absolute silence. A stethoscope has the capability of picking up these sounds and frequency of movement. The same for the lungs when breathing in and out; there is no single moment our lungs pause because our nostrils are always open for inhalation and exhalation. The process also generates sounds and that can only be picked by a stethoscope. There are optimum levels of the heart beat rate and lung speed, this is the basis of doctors’ diagnosis when using a stethoscope.

Medical practice

Unconsciously, we gain confidence on seeing a stethoscope. No matter how high class or fashioned a doctor’s office is, with trophies and reputation all over the wall, a patient can only be convinced after seeing a stethoscope around the neck. A stethoscope is vital in a clinical setting with respect to diagnosis. Unless it is physical infection, all other types of infections; from bacteria to viruses will either impact blood flow or air flow. Hence, a stethoscope is the first instrument a doctor will pull out when diagnosing a patient.

Of course you are familiar with this sing worn around a neck. It is more like a doctor’s outfit. Lab coat is not enough to seal a medical professional image. A stethoscope is a sling with a disc on one end and two nodes on the other end. During medical examination, the doctor places the disc on your body and wears the two nodes on both ears.

How it is used

Stethoscopes can function in any environment; they are portable and do not require a power source. However, it is preferably used in a silent environment. A doctor uses the device to establish heart beat rate and lung function, which depends on sound. Any external noise will interfere with proper results. Position of the patient is also critical; you will most likely be asked to lie down for lung examination.

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