Transfer Aids

Support Transfer Belt


The support belt comes in 3 sizes to correctly fit all patients. Each belt is also adjustable nylon buckle to ensure a snug and safe fit around the patient’s waist. The two diagonally placed straps are made of tough-wearing polyester and...

Rebotec Transfer Belt


Rebotec Transfer Belt A support aid to help patients stand or sit from a wheelchair, chair or bed. A transfer belt, when used properly, should fasten snugly around the client’s lower abdomen-hip area, as close as possible to their...


Transfer Board By Etac


Etac 3B Transfer Board  The long length of the transfer board extends the transferring options, making the board useful in many different situations. It permits the user to transfer between the bed and a wheelchair or shower chair, into or out of...


Transfer & Turner Aid


Etac Turner PRO Transfer Aid Turner Transfer Aid is a unique device that allows a health worker or carer to safely transfer patients who can bear their own weight when standing. The carer simply positions the device in front of the seated patient and...


320kg Mobile Patient Lifter


LiftAid 320kg Mobile Patient Lifter  The lifter has fold down armrests, which enhances more comfort and stability to the patients. It does so while the patients are gait training and during toileting. The armrest is also important in...


Pivot Sling & Head Support


ProSling Pivot Sling with Head Support Information The bag is also available in polyester net. This fabric is recommended when the bag remains in place after transport or when material with higher permeability is required air. For the bath and shower...


Chair Slide Sheet By Etac


Etac Chair Slide Sheet for Positioning when Sitting Variety of cushions designed to assist the user to re-accommodate themselves in the chair or wheelchair. Commonly patients slide forward in the chair and these cushions make it easy to slide back into...

Transfer Aids Australia

Caregivers and nurses need to move patients at one point or another for treatment purposes or sanitation. Moving an individual from one side of the bed to another to give an injection can be hectic for a nurse and painful for the patient. Patients also differ in weight and size, which makes it complex for the care providers. Also, there are heavy and bulky medical appliances for diagnosis and patient evaluation, which cannot be moved to a patient’s bed hence the need to move patients. Transfer of patients can be for short distances from bed to bed or long distances between hospitals usually for more extensive and specific treatment by specialists. Doctors and caregivers use transfer aids to make the process more convenient and comfortable. We deliver all our Transfer Aids to Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane, Perth and all other major cities in Australia.

Importance of transfer aids

Adjusting sitting positions and turning in bed can is a normal activity for normal people; it happens unconsciously. The importance of muscle flexibility and healthy joints only comes to reality when one becomes sick. Any slight movements cause pain either because of treatment procedures the body is subjected to or weak body parts.

Transfer aids come in different types; they are also called slide sheets. Transfer aids help caregivers address issues of cleanliness and safety while handling patients and the hospital environment. These appliances are commonly used after surgery and patients who require extra protection. The aids are used when transferring patients from mobile platforms to a mattress or seat. Transfer aids can be used both in home settings and in the hospital.

Key features

Transfer aids are made of stainless steel to prevent rusting because they are easily exposed to fluids and moisture. Also, most of the m are waterproof to ensure durability. There is no way of controlling patient activities with regards to body relief when using the transfer aids. The essence of these medical appliances is protecting bedsheets and seat fabrics from damage of fluids and anything considered as dirt in a hospital setting.

The medical tools are machine washable and easy to store. Fabric and plastic components on the transfer aids are foldable hence making them portable. Fabric is also soft for easy cleaning and comfortability of patients.