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WEINMANN Prisma20A – Auto CPAP Machine Prisma20A - Auto CPAP Machine includes Prisma Aqua Humidifier – Heated Tube – Bag State of the art technology combined with a graphical user interface ensures that continuous pressure adjustments...

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Consisted interruptions in sleep can be frustrating; we all know the importance of adequate sleep. People experiencing sleep apnea tend to be dizzy and slow the whole day because they simply did not have enough sleep. Adequate sleep is not only defined by period taken in bed but also the consistency of sleep. The time you are in bed should be consistent and smooth for few hours to realize rest, which is the essence of sleep.

There is no better way to manage sleep apnea other than using CPAP machines. While most people find it uncomfortable when wearing the mask for a first time, it takes a little time to adjust and realize significant improvement in sleep.

We deliver all our CPAP machines to Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane, Perth and all other major cities in Australia.

How the CPAP works

The machine comes with a CPAP mask and tube from a small oxygen tank. The essence is pumping a constant flow of oxygen. The frequent and brief interruptions are caused by blocked airway mostly due to flow of fluids in an undesired direction. While there are many causes of sleep apnea, oxygen flow is the main issue; and this is what the CPAP machine capitalizes on. It works in two ways; either increasing amount of oxygen or clearing the air way throughout the night.

Typically, it is a small machine that generates air pressure and pushes it through a mask to the nose.

Effectiveness of the machine

It is often a thrill and skeptic reaction when patients are told to use the CPAP machine. It is more like a lifetime perception and dependence on a machine for quality sleep. Although the perception is leaning on a negative side, which creates fear in patients, it is the reality. There is no specific way of treating sleep apnea other than clearing the airway by exerting pressure through the nose.

Although patients get uncomfortable and annoyed with their first experiences, a sense of relief clouds the judgment. The first few days of goodnight sleep helps the patients understand effect of the CPAP machine thus learning to live by it. However, most patients stop using the machine after few months because of familiarity.