Liberty Health Products

Liberty Health Products

7E-A Portable Suction Pump


Liberty 7E-A Portable Suction Pump Whether you need to remove phlegm, blood, or other thicker liquids, the Liberty Portable Suction Pump comes in two model sizes, making certain that you’ll...

Liberty Health Products

Ear Thermometer


Buy Ear Thermometer Online Compact size Easy one button operation and LCD display Your choice of temperature displayed as Celsius or Fahrenheit Includes a removable hygiene lid over the...

Liberty Health Products

IV Pole Basket


IV Pole Wire Basket Australia The universal basket clamp can be attached to either basket and is easily adjustable to fit on any IV pole regardless of size. The clamp has a simple spin-vice to allow...

Liberty Health Products

Liberty Nebuliser


Liberty Nebuliser Versatility, affordability, and trustworthiness have come to define the Liberty Nebuliser Pump’s contemporary design. With flexibility in mind and the ability to afford...