Clothing Protectors & Bibs

Terry Bibs


Terry Bibs The material is very absorbent, so it will catch most liquid and food before it has a chance to become a stain. Life is quite a bit easier if you do not constantly have to worry about staining clothes or ruining shirts and pants. The terry...

Clothing Protectors & Bibs

Frailty and physical disabilities necessitate use of adult clothing. While some people feel them to be demeaning, they are only medical appliances meant for patient care. It is for the patient’s good. You may find it hard to convince a friend or family in the advanced age or even in teenage to wear this type of clothing while on treatment. It actually feels and looks like a kid. Patients may interpret this as helpless and dependent, which no adult wants. But with a little patience and persistence, patients accept to wear bibs. Bibs are important in maintaining cleanliness and saving clothes from meal spills and even exposure to drugs.

If a patient has a condition that leads to uncontrolled spill of saliva, this is necessary. It helps in avoiding wetting clothes and other parts of the bed. Adult clothing is also beneficial for caregivers. When handling patients, exposure to body fluids should be completely avoided because it exposes the second party to infections.

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