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Ophthalmoscope & Charger The Ophthalmoscope makes use of XHL Xenon Halogen Technology to produce concentrated bright light for proper illumination and accurate color rendering. The wide range of lenses, from -20D to +20D as well as the 5 different...

Halogen Ophthalmoscope


Halogen Ophthalmoscope The Xenon Halogen Ophthalmoscope is a “direct” ophthalmoscope, commonly used to examine the eye during routine examinations. This ophthalmoscope allows the user to see inside the back of the eye, including the...

Ophthalmoscopes Australia

If you have problems with your blood vessels, blood pressure, or eye problems, the doctor is likely to recommend use of this equipment of diagnosis. The process is known as ophthalmoscopy. First, the eyes are dilated with a special liquid to dilate the pupils before diagnosis. This is necessary because the equipment is used to illuminate the back part of the eye. When pupils dilate, doctors are able to clearly see the blood veins and other vessels in the eye if they are functioning as expected. An ophthalmoscope is a diagnostic tool that focuses on problems of the eye; the medical tool is useless without the LED light. All you have to do is open your eyes as directed for the rays to pierce through the eyes. We deliver all our ophthalmoscopes to Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane, Perth and all other major cities in Australia.

The procedure

Ophthalmoscopes focus on the fundus of the eye. This is the back part of your eye, which consists of; blood vessels, retina, and optic disc. These three integral parts of the eye are hidden by a pupil that rotates on a hole in the eye. The only way for an ophthalmoscope to provide clarity to these parts of the eye is dilating the pupil. An ophthalmoscope is portable; doctors can change its orientation to suit the size of the eye and specific parts they wish to diagnose. Naturally, pupils constrict when exposed to light, this is why a dilation fluid is important prior to the diagnosis process.

Is it effective?

In fact, an ophthalmoscope is irreplaceable in diagnostic tests. While there are various tools used to test the eye as a regular check-up process, there is no other medical tool that can check the fundus. Normal LED lights from penlights and other medical appliances can illuminate the front part of the eye to check for cataracts and so on, the retina is hidden.

Infection or improper function of the blood vessels which are also on the back part of the eye can lead to serious body complications. It is important to go through regular checks with opticians on this basis as it is a common cause of blood related diseases. The effectiveness of an ophthalmoscope cannot be questioned.