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Heel Elevation Cushion


Heel elevation Cushion is designed to eliminate pressure and shearing of the heel making it suitable for wound prevention. A must for those suffering from existing heel wounds. This cushion is made using a soft foam block, with a durable fabric cover...

Heel Protectors Australia

Do you get uncomfortable staying in your shoes all day? It gets pretty warm and moist inside the shoes, especially when you have to move from point A to point B throughout the day. It gets worse if you are stationery. You will not only feel tired on your knees because of continuous movement but also pain or some of discomfort on your heel. At such points, all you want is to get home and stretch your legs out in the air and probably get a massage. If you have busy schedules, feet massage is only a dream; you won’t have time for it. You need a solution that works throughout the day, a preventive technique rather than curative. This is why you should use heel protectors.

What are heel protectors?

Heel protectors are soft cushioning pads placed inside of the shoes to help protect your heel from abrasion and hard hits when you are walking. Heel protectors can also be essential if you suffer from cracked and dry heels. Sometimes cracks on the heels mean pain. It is not a pleasant experience. A heel protector is the perfect choice for you if you have such kind of heels. The protectors provide relief and comfort all day. They are made from simple and soft fabric that helps your feet stay cool throughout the day.

How to use them

There are various types of heel protectors, which determine how to wear. Some are small and can only be fitted on the bottom part of your leg. Others have straps that you have to tie up on the knee. In both, they have soft pads that protect your heel against any continuous damage. Heel protectors can be worn on any kind of shoes; be it high heels, wedges, or flat shoes. Be sure to get a suitable size depending on your heel size to realize perfect results of comfort throughout the day. Heel protectors extend to the ankle, which offers support and ensures they don’t slip off while you are walking.

If you are tired of redness and cracks on your heels, you can stop the pain and repair with the help of heel protectors.

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