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Oxygen Concentrators For various reasons, an individual may have difficulty breathing. Often this happens with old age, after serious injury, medical operations, or the like. Unfortunately, proper oxygen intake is critical to going about our daily lives...

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Portable Oxygen Concentrator


Portable Oxygen Concentrator The DeVilbiss iGo portable oxygen system gives the active patient who needs supplemental oxygen the opportunity to expand their travel horizons. It works in two delivery modes. The first is PulseDose(R), an oxygen-conserving...

DeVilbiss Healthcare

Devilbiss Clinical Oxygen Concentrator


Buy Devilbiss Clinical Oxygen Concentrator Online Clinical Oxygen Concentrator is unmatched for its size and weight amongst other oxygen concentrators. Clinical Oxygen Concentrator can be brought with you throughout the Clinical or office at your...

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Oxygen Mask With Tubing


Liberty Oxygen Mask With Tubing Online With Liberty’s adult and child sized Oxygen Mask with Tubing, medical professionals and emergency responders can deliver a patient’s necessary aerosol therapy or oxygen needs at a moments notice...

Oxygen Concentrators Australia

Oxygen therapy as the name suggests helps patients who have difficulty in breathing. This should count as one of the best medical devices to be discovered yet, for reasons that are pretty obvious. Human beings live on oxygen and that is why any buildup of carbon in the body results into panting and shortness of breath and this may lead to death. We deliver all our oxygen concentrators to Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane, Perth and all other major cities in Australia.

Types of Oxygen Therapy Machines

Oxygen concentrators come in different sizes depending with the age of the patients they will be used on as well as the intensity or rather pressure at which the oxygen must be pumped in. Some are friendly with infants, while other are used together with other medicine devices in the resuscitation procedures of a patient. Also, some oxygen therapy devices are portable; meaning they can be used out of hospital or home and can be carried outdoors for instance; a care giver doing sunset walks with their patient. There are others that are of basic types while other oxygen therapy machines have a lot of options on the device and these are usually the portable ones.

Benefits of Oxygen Concentrators

Portability is an advantage because this means the people who suffer acute shortness of breath at unexpected times will not be forever grounded indoors and can therefore have a full life. Also, the fact that these oxygen machines can be used by patients, healthcare professionals and caregivers too, relieves us the need to all go to hospital when this emergency occurs. Thinking about it, if we all had to run to the doctor, we would make a very long and confused queue because we would all be panicking that our loved ones may not make it to see the doctor.

Points to Note

If someone has a loved one who suffers this type of disorder, there is always ready help even on the internet in case the machine has run out of power. Also, it is important to visit a doctor so that he or she can do a diagnosis and assign an appropriate machine to aid the patient in breathing.