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As people age, the skin becomes vulnerable to physical damage and any harsh environmental conditions. Extreme weather elements like extreme cold, high temperatures lead to cracks and thinning of the skin. The skin also looses turgidity when people advance in age. Thus, it is prone to cuts and abrasions. Elderly people also have dry skin. There is less of fat on the surface of the body due to hormonal functions that affect maintenance of the skin. The kind of vulnerability affecting the elderly necessitates need for protection, and this is where the arm skin protectors come in. Besides age, there are people with naturally dry and thin skin, which is prone to cuts and all other forms of physical damages. We deliver all our Arm Protectors to Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane, Perth and all other major cities in Australia.

What are they?

Skin protectors are basically a covering on the skin to prevent exposure to harsh environmental conditions including sharp objects. These protectors are made from tough material that can ensure no sharp objects get to the soft skin tissues. The tough materials vary according to nature of a user’s skin. While it is tough, the skin protectors are customized to ensure you are comfortable to wear them in the extreme weather conditions. Common fabrics that make up these protectors are; nylon, rayon, cotton, and spandex. Typically, you will need for either arms depending on your skin problems. Hence, the skin protectors are sold in pairs.

How do they work?

Arm skin protectors are made of fabric that control pressure, light and activity reaching your skin. Also, the protectors are fitted with elastic plastic for firmness and prevent skin trauma when exposed to aggressive physical activities. The elastic material also helps in holding the fabric of skin protector in place when you are resting. The protectors also have a four way stretch for adjustment according to length of your arm. The adjustments are also important for comfort. If you have to wear the protectors while in bed, you will need to adjust.

Arm skin protectors also have anti-microbial properties that remove any odors from bacteria that thrive in the warm and dark environment.