Hospital Air Mattress


Air Mattress #9 by Premium


The Premium 9 replacement mattress is a superior alternating pressure mattress which offers maximum patient comfort and a surface which promotes the healing of pressure wounds and prevents their formation. The digital control unit offers eight pressure...

Hospital Air Mattress

Posture is critical in patient healthcare. Whether an individual has back pains, wounds, or air circulation related conditions, body posture is imperative as part of the treatment. While rest is crucial to a patient, how the body lies down is a factor. Typically, mattresses respond to body pressure and tend to wear in long term use. Patients have different body needs with respect to posture thus the need for mattress suitability. The need for different pressure levels and body inclinations necessitate use of special mattress used in hospitals and healthcare centers. Air mattresses are among the best appliances popularly used in hospitals for this purpose. We deliver all our Hospital Air Mattress to Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane, Perth and all other major cities in Australia.

Treatment procedures involving tablets and injections cannot be effective without the use of some of these tools. An air mattress is unique among other hospital mattresses because it is designed with a superior low air loss technology. The mattress has the capability of maintaining a set level of pressure as long as the patient needs. Additionally, it is designed to offer alternating pressure levels in specific parts of its surface to suit different patient needs basing on their body needs. Also, it minimizes heat and moisture through air loss and alternates pressure through deflation. The mattress can be used both at home and in a hospital setting.

How it works

The pressure form an outside source is distributed evenly to each side of the mattress, which ensures the body lies comfortably without straining because of mass on different body parts. This is crucial when one is suffering from back pains. An even surface is the first therapy that this mattress offers.

The mattress is versatile. You do not have to be specific about the patient’s pressure and body needs before you buy it. Buy it and then consult how to customize the setting to fit your patient’s needs.

The alternating pressure setting is meant to create cushions on the mattress’ surface. Cushioning is imperative in wound management because the affected part of the body requires some form of pressure while at rest. Air mattresses combine all these elements not only for quick and effective treatment process but also comfortability.