Medical Devices

Liberty Health Products

7E-A Portable Suction Pump


Liberty 7E-A Portable Suction Pump Whether you need to remove phlegm, blood, or other thicker liquids, the Liberty Portable Suction Pump comes in two model sizes, making certain that you’ll have a compact, easy-to-carry solution. Featuring a new...


9E-A Medical Suction Unit


Portable Phlegm Suction Machine is a newly designed for oil-free lubrication pump, so that the environment from oil mist pollution, It is specially designed for absorbing thick liquid such as blood, phlegm etc. 9E-A aspirator is designed for absorbing...

Analogue TENS Machine


Analogue TENS Machine  TENS also known as Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation delivers small electrical impulses to an individual’s nerve fibers that lie underneath his/her skin’s surface, hence blocking pain signals that are...


Clinical Compressor Nebuliser Pump


BESTNEB Clinical Compressor Nebuliser Pump Download: Product Information The Bestneb Nebuliser is a revolutionary aerosol compressor that has been hailed as the ultra quiet solution for obtaining quality respiratory therapy with less noise and...

DeVilbiss Healthcare

Compact Nebuliser


DevilbissCompact Nebuliser Compact Nebuliser has a small-footprint design for portable AC use, and is highly suitable for patients on the go. With an easy-carry handle, it has a weight of just 1.8 kg and a width of only 19 cm. It is durably...

DeVilbiss Healthcare

DeVilbiss CPAP Hose


DeVilbiss CPAP Hose DeVilbiss CPAP Hose is made with both patients and medical providers in mind. The hose is compatible with most CPAP machines on the market today andfeatures a rigid exterior construction from latex-free materials, this exterior...

DeVilbiss Healthcare

DeVilbiss Full Face CPAP Mask


DeVilbiss Full Face CPAP Mask This full face CPAP mask is an ideal solution for comfortable long-term use. It has a four-point adjustable headgear for a secure fit that is individually customised to the patient. For extended use with maximum comfort,...

DeVilbiss Healthcare

DeVilbiss Nasal CPAP Mask


DeVilbiss Nasal CPAP Mask Does the idea of a mask that covers your nose make you feel claustrophobic? Do you move to many different sleeping positions through out the night? Do you wear facial hair? The DeVilbiss Nasal CPAP Mask is a cost-effective...

Digital TENS Machine


Digital TENS Machine Digital TENS Machine is an easy to use machine that offers non-invasive, natural pain relief without the use of any drugs or chemicals. TENS also known as Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation delivers small electrical...

Liberty Health Products

Disposable Adult Yankauer


Liberty Disposable Adult Yankauer This Yankauer suction tube is 27cm in length and disposable. It is used an oral suctioning tool used in medical procedures. It attaches directly to a pump and is ideal for first responders, first-aid environments...