Splints & Braces

Finger Splints


Foam backed 1.2mm aluminium strip Padded with 8mm soft breathable foam All edges are rounded and bevelled Finger splints can be cut and contoured to the required length and shape. Single use only Australian made Units per pack: 10

Child Wrist Splints


Children Wrist Braces Supports Child Wrist Splints are used to secure and position the wrist to prevent unnecessary movement when using arterial and IV lines. Rigid plastic wrist splint Re-usable, the splint may be autoclaved or sanitised Secured...

Adult Wrist Splints


Adult Wrist Braces Supports Adult Wrist Splints are used to secure and position the wrist to prevent unnecessary movement when using arterial and IV lines. Rigid plastic wrist splint Re-usable, the splint may be autoclaved or sanitised Secured to...


Finger Cot Splint, 2 PCS


 Acu-Life Finger Cot Splint Just pick the size that best fits your finger from the two finger cot splint in the pack and slide it on. It is OK for the splint to be a little loose on your finger. It is important that it is not too tight because...

Thumb Brace


Thumb Brace The reason this support is so effective is because it has two stays to help lend support. The stays provide complementary pressure to cradle the thumb while not squeezing it to tightly. This also allows for freedom of movement, which is...

Wrist Splint


Wrist Splint Sometimes the simplest tasks are hardest, this wrist splint will gave you enough support to work constructively while wearing a splint. It supports the thumb, wrist and hand while healing. The straps can be adjusted to strengthen or...

Ankle Brace, Stabilising


Ankle stabilising braces are often attributed to be used purely for athletes and by trainers and physical therapists, but they can also be invaluable for elderly patients with weak joints or those who have suffered muscle damage. These straps restrict...

Rolyan Gel Palm Shield


The Rolyan Gel Palm Shield offers optimum comfort and is easily customized to fit any hand. It protect the user’s hand, preventing skin ulcers and finger contractions while holding the hand comfortably in place. The Rolyan Gel Palm Shield is a...

Rolyan Palm Shield


The Royal Palm Shield is a medical device used often to alleviate discomfort from tightly closed fists and hands. The shield helps increase comfort for users with moderate to severe hand tightness and is recommended for use by patients at risk for skin...

Palm Contracture Grip


Like other palm contracture products, the Palm Contracture Grips provides a comfortable experience for patients and users. The Palm Contracture Grips is effective at providing aid to and preventing instances of hand contracture and skin deterioration...

Palm Protector


Palm protectors offer a great range of finger freedom and movement, but restrict movement that affects the palms. The palm protector is pre-rolled and ready for instant application and use. It is easily put on and has a comfortable cuffed strap with a...

Palm Contracture Cone


Palm Contracture Cone The dark blue Palm Contracture Cone doesn’t limit patient finger mobility entirely, just enough so that they can’t cause themselves harm by removing their IV tubing, and it helps to maximize patient comfort levels by...

Splints and Braces Australia

Splints and braces are used by people that are recovering from either sprained, twisted limbs or broken bones that need a long time to recover in order to allow repairs at the affected place. In most cases, the process can be facilitated by use of a cast that is placed on the affected part to allow readjustment of bones back into their position and healing. A brace is used if the injury is not severe to protect the limb from a twist or severe pain.

Benefits of using Splints and Braces

It is important for people to use protective pads, splints and braces at the areas with injuries so that the body tissues repair themselves. Splints and braces are medical instruments that patients feel they may hinder their daily activities. Contrary to these believe, splints and braces are very flexible because they allow moving of the fingers, which means the individual can work. Also, the splints and braces immobilize the wrist and protect the injured place, which results into less pain and improved patient’s sleep.

What happens if you fail to wear the Brace and Splints?

Most people fail to wear brace and splints mainly because of the amount of pain they feel at the injured part. This means that the healing process is delayed. Some braces may hinder some activities by making them even more difficult tasks to do, and this makes individuals resist wearing braces and splints. It may cause misaligned vessels after healing because the brace and splints are supposed to hold the fractured or strained part at a certain straight angle.

Braces and splints should assist a victim to recover without extremely impacting on their ability to function in their daily lives. Much as it is significant to protect the injury, it is still helpful to the patient if they feel they can still do some chores to some extent. Additionally, a person may choose other medical instruments apart from splints and braces such as, lifts and weight balls. It is important to invest in only the recommended medical instruments by a doctor. 

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