Compression Stockings Australia

Blood clotting and accumulation of other fluids in the body is a common cause of health complications. The accumulation of fluids is caused by various factors including foods we eat. In fact, most causes are related to human activities. The circulatory system, for instance, is highly dependent on heart rate, which is influenced by physical activities. Athletes are rarely affected by heart complications due to high blood pressure and fluid flow abnormalities. The simple reason is athletes involve their bodies in rigorous activities on a daily basis. Apart from exercise, the foods we eat have different levels of fats and proteins, which block arteries and other blood vessels. The inability of fluids and blood to flow leads to nutrients deficiency in tissues and body organs.

Why you need compression garments

Compression garments are not any other pressure socks; they are made of special linen that is characterized with exemplary elasticity. Blood clots and abnormal fluid flow causes inflammation and aches on the skin surface and other sensitive body organs. The elastic material on these garment exert immense pressure on the affected body part thus maintaining a desired and healthy fluid flow rate. Relieving pressure on the legs or arms is the only way to reduce the swelling, aches, and accumulation of fluids under the skin.

Prolonged pressure in the veins and other blood vessels deny other tissues supply of oxygen. The brain also relies on the circulatory system for supply of oxygen, which is crucial in communication with nerves around the body. If the pressure is not relieved from the blood vessels, all body processes are likely to fail. Improper fluid flow and complications in the circulatory system are medical emergencies.

How they help

The elasticity helps in decreasing pressure on the legs and arms by pulling the skin apart. It is a gradual process; however, results are fast. Consistent wearing of these garments as recommended by a doctor guarantees smooth skin free from inflammation and aches. Vein walls and blood vessels in general are the target of compression garments; be sure to buy a suitable type depending on cause as diagnosed by a doctor.