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DJMed Two Toe Bunion Pads


DJMed ergonomic toe bunion protector pads with hallux valgus (bunion) split offer padding around the hallux valgus by elevating the area around the bunion, reducing the surface pressure and friction to the bunion from footwear. The hallux valgus split...


DJMed Toe Tip Tube Protectors


DJMed toe tip protectors are an elastic, soft fabric lined with mineral silicone gel. Prevent and relieve corns, calluses, blisters, ingrown toe nails and other conditions caused by pressure or friction, for all day comfort. Toe tip tube protectors...


DJMed Gel Toe Spacers


DJMed gel toe separators protect the area between toes and gently align uneven, overlapping or troubled toes. Soft gel technology is hygienic, light and discreet. Toe separators work to relieve the pressure in the joint by straightening the toe. Gel...


DJMed Toe Bunion Pads


DJMed gel bunion sleeve protector pads help prevent discomfort by cushioning toe and bunions against pressure and friction from footwear. Their low profile design fits inside most shoes and adjusts itself to the contours of the fifth toe and joint...

Foot Care Products Australia

Heel pain can be so uncomfortable that it makes you inactive. Originally, orthotics was the only solution for pain in the heel. Today, there is a wide variety of insoles to address our daily foot care needs. An insole helps to stabilize the foot to relieve you the pain.

Plantar fasciitis is among the most common causes for pain especially in most runners. Different insoles target specific conditions to help you get comfortable. For example; the DjMed Metatarsal Pads-Gel Ball of foot cushions increases pressure to the metatarsal. It helps solve Morton’s neuroma, sesamoiditis and metatarsagia. Use it inside enclosed footwear to find relieve and comfort all day. Sport shoes, hiking shoes are most effective but you can eve use them in ballet and high heels.

You no longer need to depend on costly traditional orthotics anymore. The cushioning and gels available today help runners with low cost options. Other people may find issues with most of the insole options. This is because they are meant for runners who need extra support recovering from injuries.

How it works

The insole comprises gel dots designed to reduce up to 70% of weight impact. The gel dots are integrated to reduce the risk of worsening your foot. Other features include common memory foam, a wick away moisture via Dry-Tek Fabric, and bamboo made mid-level CurEVA. This combination helps to control humidity in the foot and eliminate bacteria that causes odor.

The full length footplate design is responsible for giving a push to your gait. Ultimately the propulsion of foot guidance works to reduce shock impact. You will get the different levels of energy flowing from the variety of insole designs including; high, medium and low. The built-in arch cradle support system is responsible for the energy emanations.

Continuous Advancement

With consistent research, there are frequent updates on the gel insoles produced. Makers of the products are keen on innovation to ensure they improve the quality of the cushioning. This continuous advancement in new products helps to positively impact runners. Patients with plantar fasciitis are the main beneficiaries of this innovation.

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