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There are medical conditions that entail disturbed sleeping patterns and styles. Usually, such patients roll over the bed several times. Typically, they end up falling especially when they are alone on the bed. They might grumble and even shout like they are struggling with something. For such patients, special types of bedding are used because of the struggle in bed that might tatter and tear the sheets. Also, patients with such conditions are advised to sleep in special type of beds with barriers on both sides. A wall in the bedroom is not enough to protect such an individual from falling. While there are possible treatment and preventive measures to this condition, experts advise healthcare givers and family members to adopt and use available appliances to prevent falls. Falls cause damage and further weakening of the patient’s body. We deliver all our Floor Mats to Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane, Perth and all other major cities in Australia.


The primary use of floor mats is to create a soft landing for a patient. These mats are placed on either side of the bed depending on setting of the room in the event of a fall. The floor mats are specially designed for comfort and absorbing shock thus preventing physical injury on a patient. Cushioned floor mats are not any other conventional mats in a home, they are spongy. They are incomparable.

Floor mats can be used also by children who fall off probably while dreaming. It is not necessarily for people with medical conditions. Find a floor mat suited for your bedroom especially if your floor is made of wood or uncarpeted like in hospitals. The soft layer is the objective of these mats.


Floor mats come in variety of sizes, shapes, and colors. You are not limited to any of the choice. Only be sure to find the best quality floor mats with heavy cushion. It is not a home decoration appliance but a therapeutic tool. Even as you consider colors and other preferences, set your priorities right; quality of the cushion first! While they are readily available, you may want to consult your doctor or expert in physiotherapy of the best quality, brand, and store before buying.