Trolley Sphygmometer Mercurial


Resistant to breakage and made from metal casing that is powder-coated, the Erka Sphygmomanometer Mercurial Trolley is a compact and accurate way for checking patient blood pressure without fearing spills or cracking. Its swivel mounting also allows for...

Sphygmomanometers Australia

This medical device measures blood pressure, which is crucial before any treatment procedure. Blood pressure test involves evaluation of speed of blood flow in veins and arteries. The speed of blood sheds more light on functionality of the heart and other body organs like the Kidney and Liver. Human activities that entail eating and drinking significantly influence blood pressure. This means that the level of blood pressure is highly dynamic thus the importance of regular measurements. The only way to check for blood pressure level is through sphygmomanometer, which records hysteresis as blood flows through the veins. We deliver all our sphygmomanometers to Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane, Perth and all other major cities in Australia.

High blood pressure is related to high risks more than low blood pressure.

Types of Sphygmomanometers

An aneroid sphygmomanometer is the most common type of manual blood pressure monitor. The calibrated device stands alone on a wall where doctors can easily take the readings. Typically, it is used alongside a stethoscope to determine heart rate and vibrations on blood vessels walls. Medical professionals that can read systolic pressure use manual blood pressure monitors.

The most common type is mercury sphygmomanometer. It is also a manual blood pressure device, which can easily be interpreted with mercury shift. Mercury is used because of its color that makes visibility easy and accurate. The height of mercury on the gauge determines blood pressure level.

A digital sphygmomanometer is used widely because it does all the calculations and displays results. No special skill is required to interpret readings on a digital blood pressure monitor. Most devices in this category are tied on the arm or fixed on a finger. The device contracts and releases blood vessels before taking readings basing on blood flow. Digital sphygmomanometers require maintenance and battery replacement.

Is it necessary?

Blood pressure influences the circulatory system, which is a key process in body functioning. Once the circulatory is impaired due to extreme blood pressure, tissues and organs in the body begin to fail because they can’t access necessary elements carried with blood. High blood pressure can lead to rupturing of blood vessels and inflammation on the skin. In extreme conditions, it affects functionality of the liver and kidney.