Toilet Seat Risers

Soft Toilet Seat Riser


Soft toilet seat riser raises the seat of the toilet by 10 cm. The raised toilet seat is safe and fits snugly and securely on to the majority of toilets with two adjustable brackets and a front lip. It is ideal for people who have trouble sitting down...

Toilet Seat Risers Australia

For patients suffering from mobility issues, commode seats are crucial equipment for support. These individuals may need help every time they are in the bathroom due to discomfort. They do not find rest in multiple positions and could get agitated and frustrated. Toilet seat risers are vital to these patients with physical impairments or those recovering from injuries. Poor postures may harm the patient and distract the healing process. To avoid the occurrence of accidents and vulnerabilities, choose commode seats to help maintain good postures. We deliver all our Toilet Seat Risers to Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane, Perth and all other major cities in Australia.

The Role of Toilet Seats

The toilet seat riser plays a crucial role in providing the patient with a comfortable seating area for a safe posture. It has a wide and softened seating are and support structures to take a grip firm and pressure while sitting or rising. Support is the key element of every part of the commode seat. There are models with railings to boost support to patients with serious immobile issues. They help these patients not to be helpless hence dependent on family and nurses.

Types of Seat Risers

Specifications of seat risers vary according to the models and brand. However, there are general designs that define their essence.  For example; they have a sterile comfortable porcelain mold to improve sanitation standards. Some of the devices are focused on maintaining cleanliness. They have specifically curved smooth contours to ensure all the waste slips away down for drainage.

Other seat risers are lightweight but durable. They are hence easy to dismantle and store them after use or for travel. They can support up to 300 pounds of weight.  They are also easy adjustable and movable to eliminate any cumbersomeness for the patient. Some of the commode seats are ease to fold and carry hence can allow the patient to travel with them without the fear of using regular toilets.


Toilet risers have an average height of between 3 to 5 inches. Some devices come with optional handle attachments to offer advanced support for the patients with immobility issues.  Rising or sitting down can take a lot of effort from these invalids. Plastic variants are also designed to add extra comfort. Perhaps the most important feature overlooked is the slip resistant design that keeps accidents at bay.