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Nurses Pouch


Liberty Nurses Pouch A busy nurse is always on the move, and nothing is as frustrating as not having an important instrument at hand when you need it. The Nurse’s Pouch is a simple accessory that saves endless time and frustration on busy days...

Liberty Health Products

Paramedic Belt Pouch


Paramedic Belt Pouch A busy paramedic needs to keep their most necessary items close at hand at all times. This Paramedic Pouch has been specifically designed for paramedics, who need a pouch that is both highly functional and highly durable. It has a...

Medical Bags and Pouches Australia

The medical profession is dynamic and unpredictable. Also, there is no low season or active periods unless there is a major emergency. Therefore, a bag is necessary for doctors, nurses and all healthcare givers. As a medic, you never know when and where you will be called upon to attend to a patient. While most are stationed, they are never in the clear of rushing out any moment an emergency comes in. it all depends with ‘traffic’ or work load. Therefore, a bag is a must. A bag or pouch comes in handy if you are to rush to an accident scene or reactive patient in a home and you have to carry medication and other devices. We deliver all our Medical Bags & Pouches to Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane, Perth and all other major cities in Australia.


There are different types of bags that are designed for different purposes, you don’t just go to the stores and pick any. It depends with nature and size of items you want to carry, the place you are going and the level of flexibility needed. Of course, we have features we prefer as individuals, for instance color. Medics also have different tastes.

If you need a rugged bag to carry a lot of gear depending on your area of expertise, a back pack is the most suitable. These types of bags also allow you to move freely. Backpacks have additional pockets on the side that help in organisation of your tools; for instance delicate and sharp tools.

A duffle bag can also serve you well in the medical profession. They come in different materials and color. Duffle bags have a big compartment with additional side pockets. Be sure to find a water resistant material with a strong strap that you can easily throw on your shoulder and get going.

Other types of bags for medical professionals include messenger and tote bags. These are small in size and ideal for carrying a notebook, phone, and stethoscope. These are accessible without taking it off your shoulder.


These are ideal for paramedics and nurses. Usually, a belt is attached for easy access while working on a patient. they are designed for few essentials in emergency cases.