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Lumbar Cushion


BetterLiving Lumbar Cushion Sitting with poor posture can put strain on your body.  You can now experience better living, and increased comfort, nearly anywhere you sit. In your home, at the office, and even your car for long commutes. You have...


Wheelchair Lumbar Cushion


BetterLiving Wheelchair Lumbar Cushion The ergonomic and modular design provides support to the user’s thoracic (mid-back) and sacral (low-back), and can be used by a variety of body types and sizes. Clean up is easy, too. The zippered cover can...

Back and Lumbar Support Australia

Back pain is not only common among the aging population. It also affects most of the people depending on a variety of leading issues. While some have back aches resulting from too much heavy work in their jobs, others experience it from using the wrong type of mattress of sleeping in the wrong positions. The result is you cannot proceed with their normal daily routine with a back ache. You cannot ignore it because if affects most of the movement your body will take.

The back supports the upper body. This means that the slightest of activities you undertake will be strenuous. Pain in the lower back is worse because it is the center of gravity. It is therefore, involved in almost every body movement you do. Even sitting for a long time will develop chronic pain.

Solution for Chronic Back Pain

Not to worry; we have a variety of options for you with chronic back pain. Even without having to see a healthcare professional you can still find solution for your back pain. This does not mean you should avoid a specialist. If symptoms persist you should consult your doctor for advice.

The most common back support equipment is the support braces. These braces comprise straps that hold your upper and lower part of torso. They are also called lumbar support. The support braces are designed to relieve pain by giving support to your spine.

Types of Braces

There are different types of support braces depending on the back region they support. For example, for support of the waist area, use the abdominal braces strap. These ones are designed for the abdomen. They particularly help if you are having problems with continuous lifting.

For problems with your upper body, the bariatric support braces are useful. They are strapped around the upper part to relieve strain on your spine. They are particularly recommended for the heavy individuals experience pain on the upper part of the spine.

The third types of straps are designed for posture. They are generally designed for support of the entire back. They help reduce strain on the spinal column ultimately relieving pain.

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