Suction Machines


Ultra Quiet Suction Unit


Ultra Quiet Suction Unit Suction Units are designed for the suction of surgical fluids, gases and other wastes in operation area during minor surgery. Device creates stable vacuum performance at adjusted vacuum level thanks to its maintenance free...

ISU 8, Battery Suction Unit


ISU 8, Battery Suction Unit Bronchial suction devices for universal use in hospitals, nursing homes and in the home-care sector must be light and compact. In order to free the airways of viscous secretions and debris, a reliable and powerful electrical...


9E-A Medical Suction Unit


9E-A Medical Suction Unit Portable Phlegm Suction Machine is a newly designed for oil-free lubrication pump, so that the environment from oil mist pollution, It is specially designed for absorbing thick liquid such as blood, phlegm etc. 9E-A aspirator...

Apex Medical

VacPRO Phlegm Suction Pump


Apex VacPRO Phlegm Suction Pump The VacPRO – Phlegm Suction Pump is used for respiratory therapy and wound management. Made by Apex Medical, the VacPRO series is the on the cutting edge portable suction unit. Designed for both utility and...

Apex Medical

VacMAXI Phlegm Suction Pump


Apex VacMAXI Phlegm Suction Pump VacMAXI Phlegm Suction Pump is used for respiratory therapy and wound management and offers powerful suction on demand. Made by Apex Medical, the VacMAXI series was designed for both utility and aesthetics. VacMAXI...

Disposable Suction Pump Canister


Disposable Suction Pump Canister Disposable canister features easy-to-read calibrations and an airtight, Snap-On lid that prevents spillage and optimize suction and is ideal for ideal for First Aid environments, minor surgery, and other emergency...

DeVilbiss Healthcare

Homecare Suction Unit


Devilbiss Homecare Suction This is a complete kit which includes the 7305 VacuAide portable aspirator, an 800cc disposable bottle (or optional reusable 1200cc bottle), tubing, rechargeable battery, and additional charging cords for AC supply or 12V DC...

Liberty Health Products

Disposable Adult Yankauer


Liberty Disposable Adult Yankauer This Yankauer suction tube is 27cm in length and disposable. It is used an oral suctioning tool used in medical procedures. It attaches directly to a pump and is ideal for first responders, first-aid environments...

Suction Machines Australia

These are portable medical devices used to clear airway or remove unwanted fluids from parts of the body. Suction machines are also called suction aspirators, which vary in size, shape, and structure to perform different suction services on the body. The machines are simple to use hence not restricted to hospital settings; they can also be used in home care whether it is with a professional caregiver or family member. The only trick with using the apparatus is proper insertion on the affected area. Although there are different designs, they all come down to a hollow tube that is connected to a vacuum and pump.

Most of suction machines are small and portable. However, the sizes exceed to heavy duty models that are moved on a cart or moving stand. We deliver all our suction machines to Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane, Perth and all other major cities in Australia.

How they are used

The medical instruments are exclusively for providing suction as a treatment procedure or helping in an undergoing procedure. Pulmonary aspiration complications that often lead to lung infections are the most common health conditions that necessitate use of these instruments. When fluids increase their density, the flow is reduced thus clogging on tissues including the airway. Blood, saliva, and mucus are removed by the suction aspirators to enable normal breathing process.

Removal of fluids from the air path not only helps with breathing but also helps in cleaning up the pulmonary. Besides, growth of microorganisms that find the fluids conducive is stopped through suction.

Suction machines are also used during surgery. Blood accumulation on body organs interfere with visibility and clarity of the process, especially if it the area of interest; hence, surgeons use these medical devices to clear up blood. After intracranial hemorrhage, suction machines are also used to clear blood accumulating in the skull.


Suction machines are operated manually or battery powered. It all depends on the size and intended use. Most of these machines run on AC/DC with plastic and rigid Yankauer suction tip. Most of them have portable handles and covers because flexibility of the devices is crucial in a hospital setting. Also, the different types have cup feet that prevent sliding when a procedure is ongoing.