Nursing Alarms & Pagers

Nurse Call System


Nurse Call System Comes with two call buttons, Lanyards and one mobile pager. Uses 2x AA batteries and has a battery life of 720 hours. Offers a choice of two call bell alerts at 75db. Has a 150 ft range, for peace of mind. Comes with easy to...

Nursing Alarms and Pagers Australia

Pagers and alarms are developed to increase versatility and independence of patients. Mostly used for patients with frailty and other vulnerabilities that requires quick emergency response to their infections. Also, patients that require constant checkups in the case the body reacts in a peculiar way, benefit from these medical devices. Family and friends can also have an easy time tracking the patient. Alarms and pages help reduce pressure on care givers. Besides, they reduce costs incurred because a patient doesn’t have to stay in a clinical setting. A patient can go on with private affairs at home or at work and only feature when need arises. We deliver all our nursing alarms and home nurse pagers to Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane, Perth and all other major cities in Australia.

How they work

The small devices are attached to patients to aid in direct and quick communication with a doctor or care giver. Most have quick dials, with two or three saved contacts for emergency. Advanced nursing alarms and pagers have a tracking chip that increases efficiency of these medical tools. On press of a call button, it rings and alerts a care giver. The care giver is also able to establish exact location. Depending on the urgency and distance; a medical specialists can call counterparts in the nearby area for assistance as he/she finds the quickest way to the location. However, patients with infections or illnesses that require close monitoring are advised to stick near the care givers; it is not a movement restriction but a cautionary measure.

Are they effective?

Absolutely! Nursing alarms and pagers increase the efficiency and effectiveness of a treatment process. While designs may difference due to different brands in the market, a call button is standard. They are pretty easy to use, no manual, no skill. Just press the button and reach out to the doctor. Nursing alarms and pagers can also be used by strangers. In the event a patient is unable to operate the device due to extreme conditions, anyone near the patient at the time of infection can check the device and understand its use. You don’t have to be familiar with it. This is what makes nursing alarms and pagers effective.