Hip Protectors

Replacement Pads for Hip Protectors


Replacement Pads for Hip Protectors Hip protector pads are water proof sealed, machine washable at higher temperatures, perfect for Medical Facility use. (Refer to washing instructions) without that heavy plastic sound and feel on movement. Consisting...

Hip Protectors for Mens


Hip Protectors for Mens Mens day and night hip protectors come in black, have a convenient fly front opening, sewn in hip protector pads and removable tailbone pad. Mens secure hip protector pants are a suitable shape for continence aids to be worn...

Unisex Hip Protectors


Unisex Hip Protectors for Mens and Female  With a hip fracture threshold of an elderly person being 3100N (+/- 1200N) Secure hip protectors reduce this impact to 1300-1400N range from an impact force of 7,753N (5.2 kg was dropped from a height of...

Hip Protectors Australia

These medical devices are used for protecting the hip from physical damage or enhancing muscle flexibility when walking. If you have a hip fracture, this will be necessary. However, it is only worn on recommendation from a licensed medical practitioner. The protectors are fitted inside clothes to reduce any impact from environmental causes. Typically, they are worn in pants and protective clothing both at night and in the day. Most of these medical instruments are made of soft foam to ensure comfortability of a patient. The manufacturers strive to balance comfortability and effectiveness of the pads by making the protectors both hard and soft. We deliver all our Hip Protectors to Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane, Perth and all other major cities in Australia.

Common users

While everyone is prone to fractures from falls resulting from accidents and health conditions, hip fractures are prevalent among the elderly. When people advance in age, the immunity, and body organs naturally weakens. In addition, skin loses turgidity and bones become weak. Weakness of body tissues reduces the stability of such people hence increased risks of falling. Furthermore, the elderly are more likely to experience falls because of reduced mobility. Physical exercise increases flexibility of muscles and bones thus making them strong. The fact that people with advanced age rarely move or participate in physical activities, the few times they move exposes them to risks of falling.

How they work

The protectors are shock absorbers. The plastic and other materials used reduce the amount of pressure to a fracture in case of a fall. When the elderly have fractures, they take long to heal because of the obvious reasons of reduced body activity that affects the circulatory system. Geriatric professionals recommend the elderly to always wear these protectors irrespective of where they are going.

The protectors are waterproof, which makes them convenient and effective. Sliding on slippery floors in bathrooms and on wet pavements is a common cause of falls for the elderly.

Hip protectors come in different sizes hence available fitting for everyone. The medical instruments are not limited by sex; both men and women can wear the hip protectors.

The memory foam is a common feature in hip protectors that ensures comfort when in bed.