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Needle Holders Crilewood


The Crile-wood Needle Holders are surgery-grade instruments designed to grasp and guide the needle when suturing. Crile-wood needle holders are 15cm long. A needle holder, also known as a needle driver, is a surgical instrument used by doctors, surgeons...

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Forceps Mosquito Straight


Forceps Mosquito Straight These stainless steel, straight-tipped forceps feature ring handles for easy operation, similar to scissors. Easy to grip and simple to operate, Straight Mosquito Forceps have been a life-saving tool in the hands of surgeons...

LR Instruments

Needle Holders Collier


The Collier Needle Holder is a standard surgical tool used by ER’s, EMT’s and other front-line surgical and medical professionals who work with sutures. The needle holder is used to grasp and guide the needle when suturing. Can be used in...

Forceps Crile Straight


Crile Straight Forceps are specially designed hemostat forceps, which use the entire length of the jaw as a working surface. They are commonly used in hospitals, medical centres & surgery centres. High quality stainless steel makes it easy to...

Forceps Crile Curved


Forceps Crile Curved Perfect for any health care and personal care precision gripping and manipulation needs. Criles Curved Forceps are specialized hemostatic forceps. They are commonly used in hospitals, medical centres and surgery centres. Commonly...

Forceps Australia

Medical procedures do not only involve injections and drug. Sometimes, doctors have to remove unnecessary or excessive tissue in the body; this is where forceps come in. The cause of health complications that necessitate surgery can be the need to remove an unwanted body tissue or growth. At times, it can be a foreign element in the body that denies proper functioning of the body through blocking flow of blood and other body fluids. After identifying the location and cutting through the flesh, forceps are used to specifically pick up such an item without interfering with other body organs. We deliver all our forceps to Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane, Perth and all other major cities in Australia.

Primary uses

Forceps work in the same way as tweezers. The spacing between body organs can be too small for fingers of a surgeon to fit and remove the unwanted element; tweezers come in handy. They help in distinctively picking up the tissues from the body. When removing teeth, dentists also use these medical instruments to focus on one tooth and pull it out without shaking or damaging other teeth. Also, forceps apply force on small parts where big instruments cannot fit. While fingers are the best in applying force and feeling the weakness and nature of a tissue before, they can sometimes be useless because of the size.


Forceps are also used in extreme conditions when a mother cannot naturally deliver due to complications. The forceps penetrate through the vagina to provide traction to fetus head thus helping in pulling it out even as the mother pushes out. It is considered an extreme measure in delivery process because of the risks involved with regards to mother and child damage. Doctors are required by legal policies to seek consent from the mother or a close family member before undertaking the procedure. The consent should come after extensively explaining the risks and reasons of using forceps.

When labor has stalled and contractions are not helping in pushing the baby, forceps are used as an emergency procedure to save the mother and child from further risks. He medical instruments can also be used when doctors dictate fetus stress usually because of pharmaceuticals.