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Body Positioning Wedges Australia

Body positioning wedges help to care for people with limited mobility. These are the people who are mostly confined to a wheelchair or bed. Due to the shape of the tool, it is easy to place it right under a patient as you gently squeeze it in to support them and help them change posture. These wedges come in different fabrics, sizes and shapes. We deliver all our Body Positioning Wedges to Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane, Perth and all other major cities in Australia.

Reasons for Using the Body Wedges during Patient Care

These body positioning wedges in patient care offer elevation of limbs in order to improve circulation of the blood. They also help to align limbs properly. This in turn helps on reducing the discomfort and pain especially after an operation. They help to reduce swelling too. The elderly people may stay in beds for very long hours especially if they have suffered a fracture and a major operation cannot be done on them. These may put the lives of these old patients at risk because they may get pressure or worse still bed sores. During patient care of the elderly, nurses use these body wedges to help them be more comfortable and also offer support.

Can we have enough Body Wedges in Patient Care?

The answer can be either a yes or a no depending on the situation. This is because in the situation of a homecare, for instance, there is more than one patient being taken care of. Therefore, in such a situation, we can never really have enough body wedges to use with the patients while they are in bed or on a chair. Sometimes there is an emergency and we need to keep the patient at an inclined position at several places in his or her body. This necessitates home care providers to ensure they have lots of body wedges that they can use to assist the people with.

Having Body Wedges is not enough

It is not possible to ask anyone to place a body wedge on a patient just because it is time to do so and you’ve been caught up, or that you are far away and someone should to step in for you. It is vital to have the different wedges and know where they are supposed to be placed and how they are supposed to be fitted. For instance, some wedges like the Bone shaped pillow is designed to be placed near contracted body areas to provide more support and comfort to the user. The design may tempt someone to place it over the head like a pillow which would be unfortunate especially for an old adult. This necessitates not only buying the wedges but also availing training to everyone around the user of these Mediskin wedges.