Robotec Berlin Shower Commode Chair


Robotec Berlin Shower Commode Chair with PU Soft Seat and Front Hygiene Opening For the immobilized patient, the Rebotec Berlin mobile commode can return comfort and dignity to activities of daily living, without sacrificing mobility or safety...

Mobile Commodes Chairs & Toilet Seats

Patients with mobility impairments need help when it comes to using the bathroom. Sometimes the call of nature comes suddenly that patients may not be able to get to a bathroom in due time. It is usually an embarrassing experience for a patient to relieve their bodies on a bed, floor, or seat. Besides, it poses issue of sanitation and health risks to caregivers because they have to clean up and dispose the waste. We deliver all our Commodes Chairs & Toilet Seats to Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane, Perth and all other major cities in Australia.

Commodes are not any other transfer aids for patients. While they help in transferring patients from one room to another, commodes have special equipment, which are bathroom options for patients. A wheel chair for instance is fitted with pans and basins that can hold a patient’s waste for some time; commodes are temporal solutions because they have to be emptied after short intervals.

Common features

While manufacturers vary in design and shape to achieve patient preferences and treatment goals, most of commodes are made of aluminum, steel, and plastic. The materials are well polished to prevent rust considering they are regularly exposed to fluids. These materials are also easy to clean thus proper sanitation, which avoids further infections on the patient or caregiver.

For the mobile medical aids like wheelchairs, commodes are fitted with rubber on the movable parts to ensure the chair remains stationary when in use. In addition, most commodes are foldable for convenience and fit in different spaces. A patient might need to move over a relatively long distance hence the need of folding and packing of commodes to accompany the patient. Portability and mobility of commodes also helps in easy disposal of waste at given intervals.

Where and how to use commodes

Irrespective of whether a patient is in a hospital setting or home care, commodes can be effective in helping with convenience and preserving dignity of a patient. Commodes help in keeping the environment clean because uncontrolled disposal and exposure to human waste is a breeding ground for bacteria and viruses.

Commodes are readily available in medical stores. However, it is important to seek a doctor’s direction on the right kind of commode, which matches patient needs and doesn’t interfere with recovery process. Regular and thorough cleaning of commodes is crucial.