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Home Care Hospital Beds Australia

One of the concerns in home care is access to resources like in a hospital setting. A bed is distinguishing factor of a hospital, which distinguishes it from a normal bedroom or school hostel. A hospital bed is different in so many ways. Hospital beds are customised for convenience and comfort of patients. Also, doctors use hospital beds for certain patient positions that enhance the recovery process. The customisation are also meant to protect patients from falling or interfering with medical instruments fitted for treatment purposes.

The concern

Critics of home care capitalise on the fact that normal beds in homes are not adjustable. Typically, patients are limited to move hence the need to adjust position as they lay on beds. Maintained postures can be uncomfortable and painful for patients, especially if they are suffering from nerve related infections or severe injuries.

Special hospital beds are only a tip of what critics lay on the table when comparing hospital setting and home care setting concerning effectiveness and efficiency of a recovery process. Apart from medical instruments readily available in a hospital setting, patients are assured of specialised and professional care whenever need arises irrespective of time. Nevertheless, home care has its own benefits concerning psychological therapy, which is enhanced when close to family members. Pro home care experts arguments are based on role of family and close friends in recovery process.

While the concern on resource variability is justified, features that make hospital beds special can be integrated in a home setting.

Distinguishing features of hospital beds

A hospital bed is fully adjustable. In fact, it can be split into two where one side can be raised to achieve different treatment goals. Doctors change orientation of the bed to make it easy in performing treatment procedures while a patient is comfortable on the bed.

Hospital beds are also fitted with rails, which can be adjusted when a patient needs to get on or off the bed. Rails run around the bed with special pads for comfort and protection of patients from falls.

The beds have control panels for use by nurses and patients to call for attention. Hospital beds also have space for keeping patients’ progress sheets.

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