Wheelchair Cushions


Dual Layer Foam Cushion


BetterLiving Dual Layer Foam Cushion Dual Layer Foam Cushion allows for improved relief and pressure point reduction for a seated patient. Dual Layer Foam Cushion is a multi-purpose cushion that is designed to improve weight distribution. The cushion...

Wheelchair Back Protector


Buy Wheelchair Back Protector Online Perfect for both nursing homes and home care use.  When more structured supports are not required, this faux sheepskin back protector provides a unique combination of a secure cushiony softness, increased air...


Foam Wheelchair Seat Cushion


BetterLiving Foam Wheelchair Seat Cushion The Foam Wheelchair Seat Cushion provides support to a wheelchair bound individual while also giving comfort and relieving pressure. The foam is durable and lightweight so it is easy to take with you no matter...


Wheelchair Lumbar Cushion


BetterLiving Wheelchair Lumbar Cushion The ergonomic and modular design provides support to the user’s thoracic (mid-back) and sacral (low-back), and can be used by a variety of body types and sizes. Clean up is easy, too. The zippered cover can...

Gel Wheelchair Cushion


Gel chair cushion is a layered design of Lycra neoprene “cushion skin” that is waterproof for easy cleaning, breaths well, has high flexibility and strength as well as being soft to touch. Followed by a thick, generous layer of high grade,...

Wheelchair Cushions Australia

People suffering from back aches, as a result of strenuous activities, injuries or old age require more specialised places to sit at or sleep on. It is probable they have a back ache or strained muscles therefore cannot stand for long hours or sit in uncomfortable places too long.

Specialized Homecare Seat and Cushions

There are specialised seats and chair cushions for homecare with patients who have strained back related issues that cause them to involuntarily refrain from walking, standing too long or sitting. There are specialised cushions for use when on a wheelchair. The design of this wheelchair cushion reduces pressure and prevents ulcers for the person on a wheel chair. Supporting cushions greatly control the sitting posture of a person.

Composition of Pressure Care Seats and Chair Cushions

In homecare, these pressure chair cushions are important and as such, their composition is a little special than that of normal cushions or even seats. They are made from air or water pockets, silicone gels, and various foams depending on the needs, construction and design. Also, cushions for wheelchairs and pressure care seats are made from a variety of materials to provide a pad on the seat for the individuals comfort. They are designed like this to allow sitting support to the person using the wheel chair.

Others for example a red colored soft close toilet seat has a smooth profile without corners to ensure safety of the patient. This red color contrast enhances visibility to the user. These toilet seats are designed especially for patients suffering dementia. These types of toilet seats are hardy and yet still comfortable for the patient.

Tiresome to use these Wheel chair cushions?

Oh yes, like every other chair, people on wheel chairs get tired of sitting in one angle and therefore need to be changed by the care givers once in a while. For example leaning them over and adding some special cushions to support their back. This is unfortunate for older adults who may not afford fees to go to a home care who end up living with caregivers lacking in basic homecare training. It is imperative for people to know and practice this; that all patients needing homecare services remain under the care of specialists with training in homecare services.

Generally it is important for a medical practitioner, therapist or care giver to know the best pressure cushions to use to ensure the integrity of patient’s skin is protected, that the individuals feel more comfortable and that there pressure levels are maintained at the normal range.

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