Bed Rail Protectors

Bed Rail Protectors Australia

It’s not strange for patients to spend several nights at a healthcare center. Usually, doctors advise patients to stay in a hospital setting if close examination is required. Also, individuals with extreme injuries that expose them to bigger health risks are required to spend more time in a hospital facility to enhance the healing process through regular check-up with medics. Also, trauma can be a reason for a night stay in the hospital because a psychologist needs more time with the patient. Evidently, it is always a doctor’s call to admit a patient depending on severity of the health condition. We deliver all our bed rail protectors to Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane, Perth and all other major cities in Australia.

Why bed rail protectors?

When a patient is on a bed, whether in home setting or in the hospital, it is not uncommon for them to move. They might feel uncomfortable leaning in one position for a long time hence need for adjustment. Some patients are required to maintain a certain position because of injuries to facilitate the healing process; however, it can be extremely uncomfortable if not regularly allowed to change. The body naturally gets tired. In the process of adjusting sleeping position, a patient may roll and fall. It happens.

Some patients because of their extreme health conditions need restrictions. There are nerve related diseases that cause rigorous physical activities by patients, it is usually involuntary. Although a patient would feel infringement of their rights and may react harshly, restriction in bed is for their own good. However, such decisions are only implemented after consultations with close family members.

The only way to restrict movement in bed is by use of bed rail protectors. While patients should be constantly examined and not left alone, it would be a gamble to depend on a nurse or caregiver to protect patients from falls; it is actually unrealistic because they will have to move. This is why bed rail protectors are crucial medical instruments.


Bed rail protectors vary depending on patients’ conditions. Some are plastics, some are padded and some cover all round the bed. Some are actual rails that run in doubles all around the bed to ensure patients do not roll of the bed.