Shower Stools & Chairs


Rebotec Nizza – Shower Chair


Rebotec Nizza shower chair is a comfortable necessity for any bathroom. The design allows the user to sit under the shower safely and easily; on either the stool or chair design. The non-slip feet and portable manoeuvrability aid in the product’s...


Smart Shower Stool By Etac


Etac Smart Shower Stool is a flexible and comfortable safety solution for bathtubs and showers. Easy to adjust or re-adjust at different heights or remove legs for easy cleaning, moving and storage with safety locking mechanism. Non-slip feat add extra...


Etac Swift Shower Stool


Etac Swift Shower Stool Functional and versatile bathing and dressing aid which can be transformed to meet the changing needs of the patient. The stool is of a sturdy plastic with a special surface structure and multiple drainage holes which prevent it...


Etac Easy Round Shower Stool


Etac Easy Round Shower Stool The Etac Easy Shower Stool has a comfortable, concave polypropylene seat which facilitates water drainage to prevent accidental slips. The aluminium and polypropylene legs can be adjusted to give the desired seat height,...

Shower Stools and Chairs Australia

All a patient requires is support. Whether physical or emotional, support is crucial to recovery of a sick person. While medication plays a primary function in altering cell functions and inhibiting and activating hormones to work in the desired direction, there is much about physical therapy and support. After a major surgery, for instance, an individual is usually unable to engage in physical activities including home chores even going to the bathroom. There are various tools designed and endorsed in the medical industry to help in the recovery process. While caregivers play an important role, patients should not be wholly dependent. The chairs and stools are here to achieve this purpose; independence, safety, and flexibility of patients. We deliver all our Shower Stools and Chairs to Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane, Perth and all other major cities in Australia.

Why do you need it?

If you are just recovering from a surgery or having stability problems due to nerve infections and relating diseases, you definitely need this equipment in your bathroom. Besides, people with back pains can also benefit from these medical tools. It is not only for the sick but also for old people that usually have problems with joints and flexibility of muscles. Usually, the bathroom turns to be a challenge when you get old or develop joint-nerve infections. There are uncountable reported cases of accidents in the bathroom; while there are various causes such as slippery floors and others, body instability cannot be disregarded. The stools give you extra support while standing in the shower. You can also sit and go on with your shower.


The seats come in different sizes and shapes suitable size for your bathroom. They are designed to occupy as little space as possible. Besides, they all have ergonomic shapes for convenience and flexibility in corners of the bathroom. Although the manufacturers focus on light-weight materials, to make them more portable, the stools and chairs are firm and can hold weight of up to 130kgs. Usually, the bottom of its legs have large ferrules that hold grip to the floor ensuring you can’t slip irrespective of the type of floor and amount of water. The legs are also adjustable to different heights to make the stools comfortable.