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Disposable Penlight Torch 6Pk


liberty Disposable Penlight Torch 6Pk A penlight torch is an essential diagnostic tool for any doctor, nurse, or allied health professional. Penlights are used most commonly for pupil assessment, but are also useful for ear, nose, and throat...

Liberty Health Products

Penlight Torch


Liberty Penlight Torch Compact and travel-size, this penlight torch is a reliable, but lightweight tool that every doctor, nurse, and ENT professional should keep with them at all times. With a long life and a durable design, it runs on two simple...

Professional Penlight Torch


Professional Penlight Torch This penlight torch is a high-performing tool that is a must for any clinical medical professional. The steady, consistent light provided by this instrument is suitable for pupil assessment, nasal and oral examination,...

Penlights Australia

These are small flash lights shaped like a pen. The bulb is usually on one end. Penlights are used in various fields including police investigations. They differ in sizes depending on the intended use. For medical use, doctors have the thin and short types of penlights. They have clips that can easily fit on a shirt pocket or a doctor’s lab coat. These are crucial medical tools that help in diagnosis and establishing progress of an individual. Light in this case does not mean clinical settings in the dark or used at night; while they serve this purpose, penlights are mainly used to illuminate areas of the body on a patient for clarity. Checking for cataracts in the eyes and excessive wax in the ear canal are the common uses of penlights by medics. We deliver all penlights to Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane, Perth and all other major cities in Australia.

Why doctors need penlights

The medical appliances have LED light that ensures clarity and brightness during diagnosis. Clarity and details should not be compromised during a diagnosis because it is the basis of proper medication. Penlights come in handy in pupil test. Doctors have to check the response of each pupil to different exposures and compare the two with a standard pupil of a human eye. The LED light from a penlight is irreplaceable in this process.

Apart from diagnosis, doctors also need penlights to check on patients during the night. Nurses and doctors on night shift do not have to wait for an alarm or call from a specific bed to rush and handle the emergency; they do regular checks at given intervals. During these round check-ups they have to do their best not to wake up patients down the whole hall way. Quick illumination on each bed confirms presence and condition of a patient.

Other Medical uses

Some patients have to take medication in the night. Delivering medicine to them and helping them take it does not have to interfere with patients nearby. Nurses and care givers in clinical settings have to ensure the given tablets have been swallowed. Patients can stubborn. Plus, it is a standard nursing practice on quality healthcare to ensure patients are abiding by the doctor’s prescriptions.