Clinic Products


1.4L Sharps Container


Sharps Disposal Container Australia The Sharps Disposal Container has a screw-on lid to ensure safe transport of its contents. The container’s bright yellow colour ensures that it can be seen and identified quickly and easily. It has a square base...

Denture Bath


Denture Bath Premium Denture Bath, safety basket with unique lock safe and clean. Features a lift-out drain cup. Keeps finger out of cleaning solution. Complete easy care for to store and clean your dentures. Keep dentures safe and clean when they...

Liberty Health Products

Disposable Penlight Torch 6Pk


liberty Disposable Penlight Torch 6Pk A penlight torch is an essential diagnostic tool for any doctor, nurse, or allied health professional. Penlights are used most commonly for pupil assessment, but are also useful for ear, nose, and throat...

Hospital Shoe Covers, Non-Slip


Hospital Shoe Covers In hospitals and clinics, Medical Shoe Covers usage is mandatory, the covers are are sterile for use in sterile of environments. Medical shoe covers are also be used during cleaning, home shows or other occasions where you wish to...

Isopropyl Alcohol Wipes


 Isopropyl Alcohol Wipes Australia Scrapes and cuts are inevitable and, while seemingly benign, can have serious complications if not properly and quickly treated. Exposed areas lead to infection and illness, so it’s key to sterilize the area...

IV Pole


IV Pole A stable and secure stand for IV drip bags, sharps basket. etc. Besides stability, you will like the mobility it offers. It has five good castor wheels. 5 castor wheels makes the IV stand more stable when moving or stationary. The base diameter...

Liberty Health Products

IV Pole Basket


IV Pole Wire Basket Australia The universal basket clamp can be attached to either basket and is easily adjustable to fit on any IV pole regardless of size. The clamp has a simple spin-vice to allow it to loosen or tighten as is needed to clamp on...

Liberty Health Products

IV Pole Oxygen Bottle Holder


IV Pole Oxygen Bottle Holder Australia Crafted of high-quality medical grade stainless steel, the IV Pole Oxygen Bottle Holder is a time-tested piece of equipment, essential to any medical institution. The included clamp securely fastens the basket to...

Mayo Instrument Table


Mayo Instrument Table Australia Medical professionals benefit from having examination tools at the ready, aiding in a more efficient patient assistance process, a Mayo Instrument Table. Mayo Tables are mobile platforms which help with this, using large...

Medical Foot Step Stool


Medical Foot Step Stool Australia Medical Foot Step Stool have a range of uses despite their small, niche design. The non-slip, rubber grip surface and rubber ended ‘feet’ means the medical foot stool can be placed safely on hospice floors...

Medical Utility Cart - 3 Tier


Medical Utility Cart Australia When it comes to ensuring you have a safe and mobile storage place for all of your care giving and medical supplies, a solid utility cart is in order. Three-tiered medical utility cart is a perfect fit for any situation or...

Oral Swabs, Pack of 250


Oral Swabs Sponge Australia Oral swab sponge applicators are very effective in maintaining dental routines for ulcerated oral tissue (i.e. after chemotherapy mouth sores, Parkinson etc…) The swabs are great for cleaning mucus from the mouth and...


Over The Bed Table


Flexible Overbed Table by BetterLiving Sturdy table support and H-frame base of powder-coated steel for increased strength and durability. Four multi-directional easy-glide castors make moving the table into the desired location effortless and...

Liberty Health Products

Penlight Torch


Liberty Penlight Torch Compact and travel-size, this penlight torch is a reliable, but lightweight tool that every doctor, nurse, and ENT professional should keep with them at all times. With a long life and a durable design, it runs on two simple...

Professional Penlight Torch


Professional Penlight Torch This penlight torch is a high-performing tool that is a must for any clinical medical professional. The steady, consistent light provided by this instrument is suitable for pupil assessment, nasal and oral examination,...