Reacher Aids


Reacher With Hook by Etac


Reacher With Hook by Etac Features include a lightweight feel for ease of handling and motor control. The jaws are wide and make grabbing easy with the edition of coated rubber grips. Ergonomically designed for clients who are limited in their range of...


Reacher Grabber By Etac


The Aktiv Reacher by Etac allows the user an extended reach to grab items that are needed. No need to strain the back or reach up high or low; this product will do all the hard reaching and grabbing for you. Tailored to the user; this product is an...

Reaching Aids Australia

Nerve health conditions and physical impairments deny patients flexibility and use of the arms and legs. Apart from use of helping tools like crutches and wheel chairs, such patients need instruments that can help them reach out to relatively close distances and pick items. It can be nerve dysfunction or extreme pains that do not allow a patient to move and pick a cup. While care givers are hired and trained for this purpose, patients as human beings would like to feel independent. Remember mental relaxation and positivity is crucial to a healing process; Reacher aids give patients the capability to handle simple movements hence confidence and improved self-esteem. Handling regular tasks should not be a problem for you if you use these medical instruments.


There are various types of these medical instruments that vary in size, shape, color and intended use. Use of Reacher Aids is not limited to age and sex; the lengths are adjustable to suit arm length and distance to be used. Also, the tools have different weights that come in handy when lifting items of different weight. Some instruments are made of aluminum; others are made of heavy steel. If you are in need of these aids, you should consider the items to be lifted and their intended use on overall to avoid disappointment or damage to the equipment.

Common features

Most have a rubber grip to for comfortability and increase grip. Reacher Aids usually have a strap on the handle for extra support while pulling or pushing items considering patients are weak. Usually, the hook space is exaggerated to allow flexibility when lifting and holding different items of different sizes. While manufacturers focus on making the equipment sturdy to handle any form of pressure, most of these tools can only handle up to 2 kg weight. Do not over-estimate their capability and damage denying the patient flexibility. All of the Reacher Aids are fitted with rubber claws that enhance grip and reduce the likelihood of falling or slipping form the patient’s hand. The maximum length these instruments can extend is 70cm and a minimum of 45 cm.

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