Toilet Aids

Toilet Aids Australia

Patients with nervous infections undergo a hard time in the bathroom and toilets hence the development of assistance tools in this regard. Toilet seats are the most common aids. For comfort, they have cut-outs on both front and rear sides. They also have adjustable arm rests to help support your weight. These arm rests are critical in reducing the possibility of an accident fatal to an invalid. Two large friction pads provide the vital firm stability in the toilet. We deliver all our toilet aids to Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane, Perth and all other major cities in Australia.

Characteristics of toilet aids

The most common and primary feature is the height adjustability feature. This comes with the dynamic anterior tilt. Toilets aids are therefore useful for patients of different sizes and heights. The anterior slight tilt used by most manufacturers, is mostly useful for patients with injuries on the hips and knee joints. They find sitting and standing up tedious and painful.

The detachable arm rest helps to give the user confidence. They are locked firmly to provide the necessary stability and safety from falling. Their rounded grip is adjustable and can be folded away whenever the user does not need them.

There are various types and designs of toilet aids. Some come with a comfortable contoured seat to ensure high standards of hygiene. The cut-outs on both sides have smooth sloppy surfaces that do not hold any waste. They can also be easily wiped off and ensure they remain extra clean. The locks on the sides make them detachable for extra cleaning if necessary.

The primary objective of the toilet aids designs is to fit most of the standard models for homes. They are dynamic to fit both floor and wall mounted. Some have snap locks that are easy to learn and use by anyone. Most are simple gadgets and do not require tools and equipment to attach

For those keen on their interior make-up, you can easily find toilet aids with your desired toilet design.


While toilet aids are mere tools for support and patient convenience, be sure to consult with your doctor for the best toilet aids. Especially if you are suffering from extreme nerve infections like on the spinal cord.