Daily Living Aids

Rubber Bottle Opener


Rubber Bottle Opener is an ideal device for people who are suffering from arthritis, or they have limited hand mobility or strength. It works on knobs and bottles with a diameter of up to 35 mm. When using it, just slide opener over the small knob or...


Adjustable Back Rest


Adjustable Back Rest Easily adjustable to five distinct angles by moving the aluminium bar which slots firmly into five groves for firm, safe and non-slip upper body support while sitting in bed. Angle can be varied from a slight elevation to a full...


Etac Uni Universal Turnal


Etac Uni Universal Turnal The round shaped head of Universal Tap Turner has a good gripping surface that consists of 70 sprung, hexagonal, plastic rods, which retract when placed over any object, as it conforms to the object’s shape. It is a...


Etac Beauty Kit


Etac Beauty Kit The beauty body washer enables one to wash his/her entire body, right down to his/her toes. The ergonomic design of these products allow a good reach and a secure grip, preventing/eliminating any strain on one’s back, hands and...

Denture Bath


Denture Bath Premium Denture Bath, safety basket with unique lock safe and clean. Features a lift-out drain cup. Keeps finger out of cleaning solution. Complete easy care for to store and clean your dentures. Keep dentures safe and clean when they...

Daily Living Aids Australia

Illness interferes with one’s ability to go about daily duties. Using the toilet, eating & drinking, dressing, and bathing are some of the daily tasks that we cannot avoid. People who are injured, disabled, or elderly may not be able to perform these tasks, which often affects their emotional well-being. Apart from medication and other treatment procedures, the mind is significant in the healing process; dealing with mental perspectives and attitudes largely enhances patient recovery. This is a primary reason for existence of daily living aids.

If you have problems performing the daily tasks because of health conditions, these aids will assist you.

People with incontinence

Getting to the bathroom in a timely manner is a usually a struggle for people with motor complications. It is often embarrassing and untidy when a patients have to relieve their bodies before getting to the bathroom; it is also untidy and poses risks to infections if it is in a shared room. While caregivers should be there to help a patient in such situations, they can be prevented using daily living tools such as urinals and pans in a bedroom. In addition, there are mobility instruments that can help patients hasten their movement to the bathroom. Besides, protective bedding can be used not only for comfortability but also for sanitation.

Ears and eyes complications

This health condition is common to the point of normalization. Some illnesses interfere with an individual’s ability to hear, reading print or talking in an audible manner. There are assistive tools that enhance vibrations to help in clarity while talking. Also, patients can wear hearing aids on either one or both ears to help in detecting and tapping sound. Reading glasses and magnifiers are readily available in stores upon doctor prescription.

Apart from specific conditions that require specific tools, doctors may recommend home care as part of treatment procedure. Usually, this involves extremes; either the condition is mild and can be managed by a caregiver or family member or it is beyond hospital setting hence need for close family members for 24 hours. In such scenarios, several daily living aids come in handy.