Commode Accessories

HMN a/s

Commode Calf Rest Net Weave


HMN Commode Calf Rest Net Weave The calf support is recommended for all the tip-chairs to prevents the legs tipping back and of the foot support plates when tipped. The leg support is depth adjustable and can be washed in a washing machine.


Etac Commode Cross Bar


Etac Commode Cross Bar This commode cross bar is perfect for use in hospitals, nursing homes, and in your home.   The Etac Commode Cross Bar is light, yet prevents accidental falling, by providing secure attachment to the Etac Clean Shower...


Etac Commode Safety Belt


Etac Commode Safety Belt The belt is made from nylon strapping, and is easily cleaned.  The belt closes in front of the chair’s occupant, and closes securely with a plastic buckle. The plastic buckle holds securely when closed, but is easily...


Etac Commode Seat Cover


Etac Commode Seat Cover The Etac Commode Seat Cover gives your support and comfort while providing a barrier between the hard surface of the commode seat. This helps to maintain both your warmth and body temperature while providing comfort. The cover...


Etac Commode Comfort Seat


Etac Commode Comfort Seat Etac Clean’s softest Comfort seat. The Comfort seat is contoured for added security and comfort. Intimate recesses at both front and back provide good accessibility. The seat can easily be added and removed and can be...


Etac Commode Soap Dish


Etac Commode Soap Dish The Etac Commode Soap Dish will attach to any Etac shower commode with wheels smaller than 24″”. The dish is plastic and easy to attach. The Etac Commode Soap Dish also is handy to store small items like razors or soap...