Bathroom Safety

Suction Grip Bath Handle


Suction Grip Bath Handle The function is pretty simple. First thing you do is to make sure the surface is smooth and clean. This device won’t work on rough surfaces, but smooth tile is fine. Then, I push the suction cup on the wall and squeeze the...

Rufus Bath Chair


The 70cm Rufus Bath Chair by Etac is portable and easy to attach to most bathtubs. The seat is light with padded armrests, it attaches to the tub via arms that place the chair safely over the bath. The Rufus Bath Chair by Etac makes basic hygiene easy...


Bathroom Safety Grab Bars


The Bathroom Safety Grab Bars by Rebotec give you security when sitting or standing, they have a contoured, non-slip grip The bars are easy to mount wherever you need them. The Safety Grab Bar has hidden screws that attach with ease, making the grip...


Bath Safety Rail


Bathtub Safety Rail by Betterliving The Bathtub Safety Rails are made of high quality PVC that is very lightweight but durable at the same time. The bathtub rail can support up to 120kg of weight and the shape makes it easy and comfortable to hold on to...

Bathroom Safety Products Australia

It is important to have bathroom furniture that suits your needs and are durable. For patients such as invalids and elderly adults, it is critical to get the appropriate equipment. To avoid embarrassments of having to help them go to the bathroom, shop for recommended helpful furniture. Appropriate furniture will also help with reducing the risk of accidents in the bathroom.

Sitting on the normal toilet may pose lots of pain for even the patients recovering from injury or have chronic joint pain. A raised toilet seat, in this case helps to reduce the hustle for the patient. There are various safety tools for patients to attend to the bathroom independently.

Improved Stability for Standing and Sitting

These products improve stability for all positions you may take. They have adjustable widths for personal preferences. Most of the bathroom furniture has safety frames, which can be assembled with ease without the need for tools. Frames are typically made of aluminum hence a lightweight yet durable.

The safety furniture recommended for those who sustained injuries such as a fall. With the trauma in the memory of the event causing your fall, you need peace of mind. The last thing you want is to fall again. Vive helps you take the pressure out of the weak recovering feet using armrests to support your weight. It also comes with nonslip handles for intensified security from any accidents.

Using the Toilet Safety tools

The rails are designed to fit the standard household toilet seat. All you need to do is detach before assembling it. Customise the width of the frame to your comfort. Most of them are portable so when you travel you can carry it with you. This portability helps you get the confidence to go to outdoor activities without worrying about using a foreign bathroom.

Most bathroom safety furniture can bear weight up to 300 pounds, which is a disadvantage in the fact that it cannot allow you to add height to the seat itself. With the increase in customer complaints, we hope the engineers responsible will update the frame to suit all demands. Protect your family from harm by using the safety furniture available at low costs yet durable in case you need it later.

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