Hand Contracture

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Hand Contracture Australia

This is a medical condition that affects the nerves. There is no clear explanation on why it develops; however, it is not associated with arthritis or any other types of nerve diseases. Contracture involves limited movement of the hands including the fingers. The health complication begins by tough scar like tissue developing underneath the palm. It can be seen from the skin surface. Usually, the scar is not painful, but can be itchy. Over time, the tissue thickens and starts pulling other blood tissues and elements of the skin together, towards the middle of the hand. The thickening scar pulls fingers to palm limiting flexibility of the fingers because they cannot straighten.

Progression of Contracture

While the scar on inside the skin is not painful, there are several signs that you should be aware, which indicate it is hand contracture. Pitting is one of the common elements that you should watch out for on your palm. Pitting is appearance of a dimple on surface of the palm. There is also a possibility of formation of lumps, at the base of a finger. There is no specific finger to watch for the nodules, it varies from case to case. As the condition progresses, one or two fingers begin curling towards the palm. The flexibility of the fingers reduces as the contracture progresses towards extreme conditions of no movement.

How many fingers are affected?

Hand contracture is a case to case scenario. Some people get affected on one finger, others two alternating fingers while others get all their fingers contracting towards the palm. Usually at this stage, the cord at the middle of the palm is matured and hard. While there is no certainty on the fingers to watch out in hand contracture, most people are affected on the pinky and ring finger. The index, thumb, and middle finger are rarely affected. However, the possibility cannot be completely ruled out.

Tabletop test

This is a do-it-yourself technique that can help in determining if you have hand contracture or not. It is as easy as laying your hand flat on a table, with the palm facing down. All fingers should lie flat uniformly on the table, if not, consult with a doctor.

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