Ultrasonic Mesh Nebuliser


Ultrasonic Mesh Nebuliser DJMed ultrasonic mesh nebuliser is designed to nebulise the prescribed medication in to an aerosol for respiratory therapy. A small, portable nebuliser that helps to efficiently treat respiratory conditions from a simple cough...


Mini Compressor Nebuliser


Mini Compressor Nebuliser Perfect for key applicationsFor the treatment of the upper and lower respiratory tract. Nebulisation of liquid medicine using compressed air technology. Micropump advantageSignificantly smaller, lighter and quieter than a full...


Dinosaur Kids Nebuliser


Dinosaur Kids Nebuliser When inhaling from a nebuliser, there’s no need to breathe in forcefully or use your hands and there are no special techniques required at all you simply breathe as normal. This is particularly beneficial for young...


Teddy Bear Kids Nebuliser


Teddy Bear Kids Nebuliser Featuring a contemporaneity style and soft, pleasing pastel colours, the nebuliser was created with paediatric environments in mind, yet is also perfect for adult applications as well. Because children often become fearful with...


Clinical Compressor Nebuliser


Clinical Compressor Nebuliser With flexibility in mind and the ability to afford patient’s with more reliability as well as first class performance, this nebuliser pump has many benefits. It also comes with an adult and child mask alongside a...

DeVilbiss Healthcare

Compact Nebuliser


DevilbissCompact Nebuliser Compact Nebuliser has a small-footprint design for portable AC use, and is highly suitable for patients on the go. With an easy-carry handle, it has a weight of just 1.8 kg and a width of only 19 cm. It is durably...

Nebuliser & Oxygen Tubing


Nebuliser & Oxygen Tubing Replacement tubing for use with nebuliser mask and bowl for adult patients receiving inhaled medication for a variety of breathing disorders. The tubing attaches to the nebuliser bowl with a swivel connection which permits...

Liberty Health Products

Nebuliser Mask – Adult


Liberty Nebuliser Mask – Adult Soft vinyl nebuliser mask gives a comfortable yet tight seal for adult patients during inhaled treatments for a variety of different breathing conditions. The transparent nebuliser bowl ensures precise medication...


Clinical Compressor Nebuliser Pump


BESTNEB Clinical Compressor Nebuliser Pump Download: Product Information The Bestneb Nebuliser is a revolutionary aerosol compressor that has been hailed as the ultra quiet solution for obtaining quality respiratory therapy with less noise and...

Liberty Health Products

Liberty Nebuliser


Liberty Nebuliser Versatility, affordability, and trustworthiness have come to define the Liberty Nebuliser Pump’s contemporary design. With flexibility in mind and the ability to afford patient’s with more reliability as well as first...

Nebuliser Machines Australia

This is a machine used to change liquid medicine to vapor. Sometimes, patients are unable to take medication because of their conditions that won’t allow swallowing. A nebuliser comes in handy by pumping pressurized air into the liquid thus forming vapor. Then, a patient can easily inhale the medicine through a mask. This medical equipment also come in handy in emergency cases when an individual is collapsing and the best option is administering reliever medicine. A reliever liquid medicine can be vaporized for easy administration into the patient’s body. People with lung complications including Asthma can also use nebulisers. We deliver all our nebuliser machines to Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane, Perth and all other major cities in Australia.

Choosing a nebuliser

Evidently, people use this medical equipment for different purposes and to solve different issues. Thus it is important to consult a nurse or healthcare giver specializing in this field to advice on the best equipment that fits your needs. Here are some of the elements that you should consider before you buy a nebuliser:

  • They differ in type and structure; hence, it is crucial to find one that you can easily operate and clean.
  • A nebuliser is a machine and ne3eds replacement of parts when need be. Get a nebuliser that you can easily get masks and mouthpieces to replace
  • How and where you will be suing the nebuliser matters. Some are portable and some are not.
  • Be sure of the power source you intend to use before making an order. Some are powered by battery, some by 12 volts and others can be powered by a cigarette lighter in a car
  • You will need to service your nebuliser regularly. Ask for after-sales services if any.

Tips for using your nebuliser

Typically, a nebuliser converts at least 80% of liquid medicine to vapor. This should be done in about 8 minutes. Consult your nurse or healthcare giver on tutorials of using the machine. A standard full dose takes approximately 10 minutes.

Before you power on your nebuliser, place it on a hard surface to ensure its symmetrical thus smooth running of the process. Placing it down also ensures no strange materials get to the medicine.

While you can use the mouthpiece alone, some people prefer attaching a mask.