Robotec Berlin Shower Commode Chair


Robotec Berlin Shower Commode Chair with PU Soft Seat and Front Hygiene Opening For the immobilized patient, the Rebotec Berlin mobile commode can return comfort and dignity to activities of daily living, without sacrificing mobility or safety...

Commodes Chairs Australia

Commodes are increasingly becoming popular among the sick and especially people with disabilities. Tools in this category offer immense help to patients with respect to movement and convenience. If you have difficulty in moving due to physical damage or come of injury, commodes are designed for you. While there are many types of assistive technologies in this category of medical equipment, the rebotec bonn-shower commode chair features among the most used in hospitals and healthcare centers. We deliver all our commodes to Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane, Perth and all other major cities in Australia.

About Rebotec Bonn

This is a chair that offers you the ability to shower and release your body just like you would in the bathroom. Nerve diseases and related infections deny affected individuals flexibility and general ability to move. It is a chair with all these components that you do not have to worry about how you will move from point A to B. the chair is comfortable and designed with wheels and adjustable features, which works with your suitability.

Key features

The sides of the chair have elastic armrests that can swing depending on the size and comfortability of the patient. The elastic nature of the sides also ensures a patient can get to the chair from any sides. When sick, especially from nerve infections, moving for few inches is not easy. If you have an option to get to the chair without having to go to the front, it is always better. And this is what the Rebotec Bonn commode chair takes care of.

The seat is fitted with tough and soft cushion for comfortability. With the toilet seat below the seat, the cushion is padded with protective material, usually nylon that allows easy cleaning and sterilisation if necessary. The toilet seat is also extended with a removable pail for easy cleaning and management.

Most of the components on this seat are adjustable. Foot rests, for instance, are fixed depending on height and preference of the patient. The toilet seat and pail can also be adjusted for easy use; posture is crucial when taking a shower or using the toilet bowl.

The chair is flexible. It is fitted with wheels that work with parking and direction brakes.