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Weinmann NP15 Nasal Pillow Headgear


WEINMANN NP15 Nasal Pillow Headgear This soft and comfortable headgear is made to specifically fit Weinmann’s Joyceeasy Nasal Pillow masks and includes tube anchoring options for optimal sleep and easy handling. The cross-band design can be...

WEINMANN Emergency

Weinmann CPAP Tubing


WEINMANN Weinmann CPAP Tubing WEINMANN 180cm Performance CPAP/BiPAP Tubing (22mm) WEINMANN CPAP Tubing is designed of high quality materials that enable a constant flow of air between you and your CPAP machine. They come in the standard length and...

WEINMANN Emergency

JOYCE SilkGel Headgear


WEINMANN JOYCE SilkGel Headgear Soft and comfortable headgear is made to specifically fit Weinmann’s Joyce SilkGel masks but is interchangeable between Joyce One, Joyce Easy Weinmann masks. Made of breathable, high-quality cotton, polyamide...

WEINMANN Emergency

JOYCE One Headgear


WEINMANN JOYCE One Headgear HEAD strap Headgear is made to specifically fit Weinmann’s JOYCE One full-face masks and nasal masks. The strap offers a perfectly comfortable fit with simple handling. The cross-band design can be adjusted to any head...

DeVilbiss Healthcare

DeVilbiss CPAP Hose


DeVilbiss CPAP Hose DeVilbiss CPAP Hose is made with both patients and medical providers in mind. The hose is compatible with most CPAP machines on the market today andfeatures a rigid exterior construction from latex-free materials, this exterior...

CPAP Supplies Australia

If you have a patient who experiences difficulty in sleeping, consider introducing CPAP supplies. CPAP (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure) devices address problems such as difficulty in sleeping. A common sleeping problem treated by CPAP supplies is sleep apnea especially among the elderly. Sleep apnea may be mild or serious posing a variety of risk levels to the patient. CPAP masks, for example, are appropriate for them. It is very critical to seek counsel from your doctor before proceeding to purchase CPAP supplies. Speak to a sleep specialist to get proper advice of the most appropriate CPAP mask for your case. We deliver all our CPAP supplies to Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane, Perth and all other major cities in Australia.


Symptoms such as severe drowsiness call for urgent attention. Other noticeable symptoms are excessive snoring and difficulty in breathing while asleep, and unfulfilling sleep. Some patients may fall asleep during the day too.  Inquire about the appropriate CPAP supply depending on their level of suffering.


These headgear equipment items are designed specifically for particular patient’s needs. Seek information on how to use them correctly. For example, there are those that strap the head for comfort and stability especially when at rest. The straps are adjustable to various sizes to ensure the patient is comfortable during their rest. The material used is non-irritable to avoid problems such as skin irritation. They are designed to manage CPAP airflow with a tube.

The entire head gear is made of reliable durable material for long-term service. They are also resistant to tearing and breaking. The interior is soft and comfortable. It is made of a combination of cotton, spandex, and polyamide.


These supplies are available on sale for personal use. They may be replaced or adjusted for re-use among new users in your family. These options are available for items such as air filters which may spread bacterial infections if not replaced. Tubes, on the other hand, should be replaced to ensure safe airflow. Additional segments of the gear come as adjustments to modify the design to fit and provide comfort according to your preferences. Other useful parts include replacement batteries and compressors. There are some machines that are automatic while others need your manual control. Finally, humidifiers help to control moisture content so the patient will not experience a dry cough.