Urinals & Bed Pans

Bed Pan


The bottom of the bedpan with a handle to facilitate the care of nursing staff holding and stuffed out of the patient, convenient and practical. Width 23.5cm Length 34cm Height 5cm – 8cm

Urinals Bottle & Bed Pans Australia

Incontinence often leads to needless embarrassments because they have no control over pass of urine. Incontinence is like any other health condition that family and friends should understand and help the individual go through the recovery period with less pressure. When such a patient feels understood, there is comfort and less worries. The best a patient can achieve from worry and stress is slow recovery process; mental disturbances and unsettled minds worsen a patient’s condition. Although it is a natural body process and caregivers have little to do about except hoping the prescribed treatment will regain normalcy, urinal and bedpans can be used to manage the situation while it lasts. We deliver all our Urinals Bottle & Bed Pans to Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane, Perth and all other major cities in Australia.

Importance of Urinal bedpans

Human waste is not only messy on sanitation grounds but also poses risk to infection on caregivers and any people near a patient. Patients with incontinence experience difficulty in motion, it might be completely impossible or a strain thus slow process. It depends with severity and cause of the infection.

Urinal supplies and bedpans are beneficial for such people because there is less worry when they feel need of relieving their bodies. Patients can comfortably urinate without moving an inch. The medical supplies can be fitted on a bed, seat or near the patient where it is easily accessible. Urinal bottles differ in size, weight, and design that suit different patient needs.

Bed liners and urinal trays protect bedding, couch, or seats from soaking. Also, the supplies prevent spread of germs and bacteria to sides of the bed or seat. As caregivers do their best to make patients comfortable as they recover, it is also crucial to protect their bodies from contamination that easily comes through body fluids and human waste.

Cleaning the urinals and bedpans

These medical appliances for patient care are regularly used because patients lack control and delays of urinals. Bacteria can easily thrive in such an environment; therefore, it is important to empty the bedpans regularly, if possible immediately after a patient passes out the waste. Also, caregivers should use anti-bacterial and sterilising cleaning solutions to eliminate any infection risks.