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Joint and muscle pains are caused by different reasons; pain can be a symptom of a developing illness or a result from physical damage. Despite all the technological advancement and research going on the medical field, there is no specific treatment for pain. Causes of pain are widely known meaning they can be prevented; however, once it surfaces it turns out to be more than a symptom. Usually, doctors prescribe drugs that only suppress the level of pain but it is not a treatment. The complicated element about pain is the fact that it is not a type of illness; it is a symptom, which points to a condition in the body.

Everyone has experienced pain irrespective of age, sex, and race.

Causes of pain

There are various causes of pain on muscles and joints. Advancing in age often leads to frequent pain on muscles and joints because tissues and body organs are gradually deteriorating. Besides, body stress and soreness from physical impacts causes pain. While it should be like any other normal symptom that we can assume, pain cannot be brushed off. Although there are different levels of severity that can be managed in different ways, it is difficult to go on with usual daily activities with pain.

What is hot and cold therapy?

Temperature is one of the most natural ways of dealing with pain. This method entails blocks of ice fitted in special bags/pads of different sizes that are placed on the affected part of the body that gradually relieves the pressure and pain. This is one of the simplest and convenient way of alleviating pain.

It is convenient because you can carry the ice bag or tie it to the affected body part and go on with daily activities. Hot and cold therapy tools of therapy can also be worn like bags to cover the shoulder or the spinal code.

Backaches are the most common types of pain because of maintaining certain positions for a long time. People sitting for long hours in the office are at risk of backaches because of inappropriate postures. Such people are also experience pain on the neck.

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