Patient Care


Rebotec Nizza – Shower Chair


Rebotec Nizza shower chair is a comfortable necessity for any bathroom. The design allows the user to sit under the shower safely and easily; on either the stool or chair design. The non-slip feet and portable manoeuvrability aid in the product’s...

Soft Toilet Seat Riser


Soft toilet seat riser raises the seat of the toilet by 10 cm. The raised toilet seat is safe and fits snugly and securely on to the majority of toilets with two adjustable brackets and a front lip. It is ideal for people who have trouble sitting down...

Support Transfer Belt


The support belt comes in 3 sizes to correctly fit all patients. Each belt is also adjustable nylon buckle to ensure a snug and safe fit around the patient’s waist. The two diagonally placed straps are made of tough-wearing polyester and...

Bed Pan


The bottom of the bedpan with a handle to facilitate the care of nursing staff holding and stuffed out of the patient, convenient and practical. Width 23.5cm Length 34cm Height 5cm – 8cm

Toilet Sling


Soft padding throughout sling. Allows for safe and comfortable chair to toilet transfer. Suitable for patients who generally have good trunk and hip control. Allows patient to be easily brought to a standing position. Elasticated neoprene waist...

Hammock Sling


Can be left under patient, reducing manual handling Non-slip backing will stop sling from moving or bunching up under patient Tested to safe working load of 250kg Excellent back and neck support Available in Polyester only Manufactured in...

Comfort Sling


Excellent back support and comfort. Commode opening with divided legs. For patients who need full body and neck support. Ideal for amputees. Polyester mesh sling is ideal for bathing patient. Available in polyester solid and mesh. Manufactured in...

Rebotec Transfer Belt


Rebotec Transfer Belt A support aid to help patients stand or sit from a wheelchair, chair or bed. A transfer belt, when used properly, should fasten snugly around the client’s lower abdomen-hip area, as close as possible to their...