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Silicone Resuscitator Mask


The Silicone Resuscitator Mask is transparent and allows for easy monitoring of a patient throughout resuscitation. This is a compact mask that has a one-way valve. The Silicone Resuscitator Mask features MHC color codes, these colored rings give you a...

Liberty Health Products

Pocket CPR Resuscitator


For emergency situations where CPR may be necessary, the Liberty CPR Super Pocket Resuscitator is the go-to choice for portable first aid or emergency trauma kits. Easy to carry and made from durable PVC and silicone materials, this device is for one...

Resuscitation Equipment & Accessories Australia

Healthcare largely involves preparation and readiness in times of medical emergency. Injuries and allergy attacks are the common causes of breathing difficulty, which necessitate the need for resuscitation medical instruments. Irrespective of the cause, difficulty in breathing should be addressed immediately; any healthcare workers should be well acquainted with processes of resuscitation because it is lifesaving tip.

Resuscitation tools function like emergency medical drugs, which get absorbed into the bloodstream immediately. If a patient is suffering from breathing impairment, there is usually no time for consultations, caregivers should familiarize with this medical equipment, to help in saving lives. Typically, respiratory issues are categorized as medical emergencies; any second lost increases the risk of losing a patient. Therefore, the kits are not only useful in hospital settings but also at home depending on a patient’s complication.

The Kit

Resuscitation involves various tools that paramedics carry along in a CPR kit.

  • Oxygen pump

  • Antibacterial mask

  • Protective case

  • Valve masks   

  • Oxygen tank

  • User manual

An oxygen pump is fitted with balloon-like rubber for assisting patients in breathing through squeezing the rubber consistently. An oxygen tank doesn’t miss in this category to ensure oxygen is in constant supply to maintain a patient until a doctor arrives or transport to hospital is organized. A user manual is also important to help in proper techniques while using the resuscitation tools in case a caregiver needs to confirm functionality of certain equipment in the kit. The protective casing helps in proper storage of the instruments as well as prevents any kind of physical damage.

When and how to use

Improper use of resuscitation instruments can cause more damage to body organs crucial in the respiratory process; therefore, car givers should go through user guides in advance as a precautionary measure and preparation for emergency.

Resuscitation instruments are only used in impacted respiratory functions; the cause of breathing failure should be identified and addressed immediately after a patient regains stability. If it is an allergy, care givers should ensure they are not exposed to the same environment while performing resuscitation because it might not bear any fruits. We deliver all our Resuscitation Equipment & Accessories Australia to Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane, Perth and all other major cities in Australia.