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The best possible quality neck cushion on the market today. Our memory foam neck pillow is not like other cheaper and uncomfortable options that are made from beads and shredded material which burst or compress and harden. Our neck pillow is...


Ergonomic Memory Foam Neck Pillow


Our ergonomic memory foam neck pillows are hypo-allergenic, breathable and come with a removable, machine washable, beautiful, soft white polyester/cotton cover. Our ergonomic pillow is a perfect size for use while resting or sleeping in bed, chairs,...

Neck Pillows Australia

These pillows replace the cumbersome rolled up towels and oversized pillows. They are designed to fit the area of discomfort to give the critical support. The pillows come in the desired sizes and softness to keep the patient from risks of pressure ulcer. For patients who spend long hours in bed in positions that become tiresome, the neck pillows are specially designed for you.

They are available in adjustable cover that you can wash separately in a washing machine. Most of them are also hypo-allergenic and breathable. The latest designs have a waterproof fabric to reduce the need for removing and fitting.

Who is Neck Pillow Meant for?

These are recommended medical appliances mostly useful for patients who are unable to move and spend most of their time lying on bed. This includes those suffering from conditions such as frailty, stroke or disability. To save the painful contracted limbs from intense discomfort, avoid regular pillows. The memory foam adjusts to the user’s weight to provide the necessary comfort.

It can be used to speed up recovery by giving the patient the peace of mind they need to focus on positivity.


Neck pillows are designed with appropriate contours unlike regular pillows. The soft yet firm solid memory foam is able to react easily to a patient’s need. They also come with a concealed zipper to take care of frail skin.

They come in different sizes and shapes to suit all the sizes of people and limbs. They can also fit anywhere and support various parts of your body without fear of compromising on dignity. The small pillow with dimensions 30 by 18 by 10 centimeters is the most popularly recommended by doctors.

These pillows raise your limbs and this improves blood circulation to keep you active and oxygenated. You will also find comfort in the bony areas using these pillows. Your pressure areas are kept comfortable with the soft firm memory foam and the risk of bed sores is kept at bay with good circulation.

Remember to consult your doctor for recommendations to the most appropriate neck pillow for your condition.

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