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320kg Mobile Patient Lifter


LiftAid 320kg Mobile Patient Lifter  The lifter has fold down armrests, which enhances more comfort and stability to the patients. It does so while the patients are gait training and during toileting. The armrest is also important in...

Patient Lifters Australia

Patient lifts in patient care are used together with a proper sling to move patients with reduced mobility from one point to another. This facilitates patients to get a different kind of attention from different care givers. A patient lift is important especially in a home care setting because it is supposed to transfer the patient without straining them.

In patient care, a manual patient lift works by a hand pump, and it uses hydraulic power. A manual lift has an easy design so that it can transport a patient from the bed, floor or any other spot for example an arm chair or a toilet. In places where electricity is a challenge and there are patients needing healthcare, the manual lift is a good fit. We deliver all our patient lifters to Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane, Perth and all other major cities in Australia.

Types of Lifters

Some patient lifts are powered by electricity or rechargeable batteries and use a remote control gadget. Unlike the manual lifts in patient care, powered lifts assist especially the heavy patients with least mobility. Powered lifts also increase the patients’ safety. Remote controlled patient lifts make work easier for the care giver as he or she takes the patient around using the rump or lifts. With powered patient lifts especially for the patients who are not too immobile to move, a remote control can be used by the person in the sling.

Benefits of Patient Lifters

Stand-up lifts are lifts that can be used by patients with some ability to bear their weight as they stand and sit. These kinds of patient lifts in patient care can either be powered or manual to help the patients when trying to walk. After a surgery, patients may try to move around based on the extent of the procedure and how strong they are. Stand-up lifts are essential especially for the caregivers who assist the patients in simple activities like showering and dressing.

In patient care, both caregivers and patients need the patient lifts because they ease mobility for the patient and they are a safe way for the caregiver to use. They also improve the quality of life of the patients because it feels like they are mobile again.