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 Unlike other arm slings, this arm sling provides even, well-distributed support in addition to a simple, yet visually appealing design. The black arm sling has a low-key appearance and its dark colour protects it from stains and discolouration...

Arm Slings Australia

Breaking a bone is an extremely painful experience because doctors will have to physically push or pull it back. Breaking a bone or fracture on a limb means the bone has left its socket or deviated to a foreign environment thus interfering with muscles and blood vessels. The pain you feel after breaking a bone is because of change in orientation of the ligaments and tendons. Typically, bones are hard and can easily pierce through soft tissues. In extreme conditions, fractures lead to internal bleeding, which is life threatening. Therefore, when you experience fracture on your arm, it is imperative to seek professional medical examination for proper diagnosis to iron out any risks. We deliver all our Arm Slings to Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane, Perth and all other major cities in Australia.

Why you need an arm sling

After doctors have ironed out any possibilities of internal bleeding and any damages that can create long-term complications, support, and protection of fracture is the focus. Typically, bones take several weeks to recover; while it depends with extent of damage, breaking a bone is a serious health concern where doctor consultation is of utmost importance. Of course, it is  natural process that can go on without any medical intervention; however, it will take too long without an arm sling.

Key features

An arm sling is made of tough fabric and sponge for support and protection of the arm. An affected arm should remain stationery as much as possible to speed up the healing process because bones don’t regain their positions easily.

These medical instruments are used after doctors physically reposition the bones. Usually, doctors take an X-ray of the affected part to identify the specific bone that has broken. Repositioning of the arm is the next step before an arm sling.

Consider an arm sling as a pocket for the hand. it is not a form of treatment but an assistive tool in the healing process. Fractures and bone breaking is a delicate health condition because it affects blood vessels hence interfering with access of oxygen and nutrients to the arm. Failure to manage a broken arm can lead to skin darkening and inflammation of skin, which is a medical emergency.