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Mattress pressure sensitivity performance is second to none with this Hospital Mattress. With expert manufacturing, the mattress outperforms in all categories of comfort, strength, durability and ingenuity. The Triple Layer EggShell Hospital Mattress...

Hospital Mattress Australia

Doctors may at times advice patients to rest when they go to the hospital seeking treatment. This means that rest is an important aspect of recovery to every patient. It is also significant to note that resting is therapeutic. A good hospital mattress is a good option for long inactive rests or even for use by patients to sleep on. This is because they are designed to ensure intact spine chords of patients and reduced chances of sleeping in slouched positions. We deliver all our Hospital Mattress to Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane, Perth and all other major cities in Australia.

First Aid

This is the help that is availed to an individual who has suffered an abrupt injury or illness. In the case where a person faints, they get unconscious and may fall on a hard surface. The responsibility of ensuring the person is resting at a comfortable place, therefore falls on the care provider. Some of the hospital mattresses are foldable which makes them small and portable. It is important for first aid kits to involve these foldable mattresses especially when there are children or older adults. These are vulnerable to involuntary falls and may need to get their injuries dressed before rushing to a hospital.

Limitations of Hospital Mattresses in First Aid

A first aid situation would not need an entire hospital mattress for use by the injured victim to be attended to, because it’s only for rest not sleeping. This means that most people would not buy a hospital mattress and include it as one of the necessary items in their first aid kit.

Their design makes them hard to carry around especially when outdoors and this makes most people to leave this option out.

A hospital mattress would be distractive to the person offering first aid care because of its rigidity. For example, if the patient’s head should be elevated, there would be a need for a pillow.

This calls for the authorities to customize the size of hospital mattresses manufactured, by making smaller and more portable mattresses. They should also avail these new hospital mattresses both on online markets and physical shops. This will encourage more people to buy and overall, improve first aid care.